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Peter Hammill

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Peter Hammill - Singularity (cd)

Released in December 2006, Singularity was the first PH album to be recorded after suffering a heart attack in 2003.

A compelling and dark album, some of the songs (Our Eyes Give It Shape, Event Horizon) refer directly to this experience, while others address the nature of mortality in different ways (e.g. Meanwhile My Mother concerns his mother's decline and Friday Afternoon is about the untimely death of his piano tuner).

Written, played and produced entirely by PH, on its release, Singularity was hailed by many reviewers as one of his finest releases since the 1980s.


1. Our eyes give it shape (4:33)
2. Event horizon (6:03)
3. Famous last words (5:50)
4. Naked to the flame (5:26)
5. Meanwhile my mother (4:30)
6. Vainglorious boy (5:11)
7. Of wire, of wood (1:34)
8. Friday afternoon (5:04)
9. White Dot (6:22)



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