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Peter Hammill

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Peter Hammill - Roaring Forties

Dating from 1994, Roaring Forties combines Hammill's disparate passions for noise (You Can't Want What You Always Get), beauty (Your Tall Ship) and epic ambition (the near 20 minute, A Headlong Stretch).

This is the remastered version.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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File Size: 73.0 MB.

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File Size: 299.0 MB.


1. Sharply Unclear (5:40)
2. The Gift of Fire (Talk Turkey) (8:30)
3. You Can't Want What You Always Get...
...If You Haven't Got It Yet (9:32)
4. A Headlong Stretch (19:24)
i) Up Ahead
ii) Continental Drift
iii) The Twelve
iv) Long Light
v) Backwards Man
vi) As You Were
vii) Or So I Said
5. Your Tall Ship (5:00)



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