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Peter Hammill

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peter hammill - patience

Patience was Peter Hammill's second album with the K Group and is very much a conceptual companion to its predecessor, Enter K.

Perhaps richer and more complex, the album contains Hammill signature song Labour Of Love, poignant ballad Just Good Friends (later covered by Marc Almond) and the menacing closer, Patient.

This is the remastered edition.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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File Size: 58.6 MB.

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File Size: 270.9 MB.


1. Labour of Love (5:52)
2. Film Noir (4:16)
3. Just Good Friends (4:26)
4. Jeunesse Dorée (4:45)
5. Traintime (4:25)
6. Now More Than Ever (5:36)
7. Comfortable (4:54)
8. Patient (6:14)



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