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Peter Hammill

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Peter Hammill - Sonix

Sonix continued Peter Hammill's 'outside-the-box' Sonix series of releases with music which was, for the most part, originally composed for film and dance.

The album's sonic experiments encompass near-string quartet pieces, raw feedback guitar explorations, and a modern-day version of player-piano work.

Music from beneath the surface and behind the light, the Sonix series provides an indispensable guide to the more experimental side of Peter Hammill's work.

Newly re-mastered.

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1. Emmene-moi Bare Theme (2:29)
2. A Walk In The Dark (1:55)
3. In The Polish House (4:49)
4. Dark Matter (6:58)
5. Hospital Silence (2:34)
6. Four To The Floor (9:36)
7. Exercise For Louis (2:49)
8. Labyrinthine Dreams (26:25)
9. Emmene-moi Full Theme (2:29)


Peter Hammill - almost everything


Stuart Gordon - violin and viola on (1,2,5 and 9)
Manny Elias - percussion (6)



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