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Peter Hammill

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peter hammill - the noise

The 'beast' to Fireships 'beauty', The Noise was the first and only entry in Peter Hammill's 'A Loud' series.

Operating at the more aggressive and extroverted end of his output, The Noise finds PH on harder hitting and more Rock-orientated form than usual and, in some ways, acts as a 1990s extension of his earlier work with the K Group.

This is the remastered version.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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File Size: 71.8 MB.

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1. A Kick to Kill the Kiss (4:10)
2. Like a Shot, the Entertainer (5:12)
3. The Noise (6:12)
4. Celebrity Kissing (4:33)
5. Where the Mouth Is (5:34)
6. The Great European Department Store (4:58)
7. Planet Coventry (4:02)
8. Primo on the Parapet (8:38)



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