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Memories Of Machines - Warm Winter (vinyl)

**Final copy - sleeve has slight crease to bottom left hand corner - sold as seen, no returns**

Warm Winter is the debut album by Memories Of Machines, the duo comprising Tim Bowness (No-Man) and Giancarlo Erra (Nosound).

While drawing on the atmospheric nature of their main bands, MoM carves out a unique space for itself with an emphasis placed on direct song-writing and powerful instrumental arrangements, as much as on mood.

Recorded in the UK, the US, Italy and Sweden, Warm Winter includes guest contributions from the likes of Peter Hammill, Colin Edwin, Robert Fripp, Steven Wilson, Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Jim Matheos (OSI/Fates Warning) and Huxflux Nettermalm (Paatos).

Offering an ambitious yet accessible combination of epic Art Rock and bittersweet, singer-songwriter intimacy, the album contrasts rich melodies, soaring choruses and stunning guitar solos (Warm Winter, Before We Fall) with ethereal Ambient experiments (Lost And Found In The Digital World), and haunting, narrative-driven songs, such as the highly personal Schoolyard Ghosts.

Shifting from the sweetly delirious optimism of Change Me Once Again and Beautiful Songs You Should Know to the desolate self-reflection of the closing Electronica / Chamber Classical hybrid At The Centre Of It All, Warm Winter is an assured and emotionally cohesive debut that ably highlights the sympathetic musical chemistry between Bowness and Erra.

The album, which is available as a digi-pack cd and a limited edition heavyweight vinyl release, was mixed by Steven Wilson and mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Tori Amos).

'A beguiling mix of giant-sounding Art Rock and bittersweet self-reflection. Highly Recommended.' - Classic Rock

'Emotive, bittersweet and ethereal.' - Thrash Hits

'Hauntingly beautiful.' - Dawn Of The Deaf

'The sound of perfection!' - Sea Of Tranquility

'A piece of rare beauty.' - The Music Shack

'An original entity.' - Ytse Jam

'Another candidate for album of the year, no question.' - Astounded By Sound

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New Memories Of Machines (1.31)
Before We Fall (5.12)
Beautiful Songs You Should Know (4.59)
Warm Winter (5.34)
Lucky You, Lucky Me (4.17)
Change Me Once Again (5.56)
Something In Our Lives (4.11)
Lost And Found In The Digital World (5.14)
Schoolyard Ghosts (5.32)
At The Centre Of It All (7.26)


Produced and arranged by Tim Bowness and Giancarlo Erra
Mixed by Steven Wilson at Nomansland

Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge

All titles written by Bowness/Erra, except Schoolyard Ghosts (Bowness) and Lost And Found In The Digital World (Bowness/Erra/Fripp)

Memories Of Machines is

Tim Bowness - vocals, guitar on Schoolyard Ghosts
Giancarlo Erra - guitars, keyboards


Michael Bearpark - volume swell guitar on Schoolyard Ghosts
Stephen Bennett - electric piano, synth solo on Schoolyard Ghosts
Andy Booker - drums on Schoolyard Ghosts
Marianne de Chastelaine - cello on Beautiful Songs You Should Know and At The Centre Of It All
Peter Chilvers - bass on Schoolyard Ghosts
Myke Clifford - saxophone on Schoolyard Ghosts
Colin Edwin - double bass on At The Centre Of It All
Robert Fripp - soundscapes on Lost And Found In The Digital World
Peter Hammill - guitars on At The Centre Of It All
Alessandro Luci - bass on Before We Fall, Warm Winter and Change Me Once Again
Paolo Martellacci - keyboards on Before We Fall and Change Me Once Again
Jim Matheos - guitar atmospherics on Something In Our Lives
Huxflux Nettermalm - drums on Before We Fall and Warm Winter
Julianne Regan - backing vocals on Before We Fall and Change Me Once Again
Aleksei Saks - trumpet on Lost And Found In The Digital World
Gabriele Savini - acoustic guitar on Change Me Once Again
Steven Wilson - guitars, keyboards on Lucky You, Lucky Me
Gigi Zito - drums on Change Me Once Again

Recorded and engineered by Giancarlo Erra
Additional recording and engineering by Stephen Bennett and Steven Wilson

Recorded in the UK, USA, Estonia, Sweden and Italy, Spring 2006-Autumn 2010

Photography by Katherine Mager (katherinemager@googlemail.com)
Layout and design by Carl Glover for Aleph Productions



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