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Peter Hammill

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Peter Hammill releases

Peter Hammill & The K Group - The Margin (double vinyl)

2017 double 180g Madfish re-issue of PH's 1985 live album The Margin.

Peter Hammill - + (double vinyl)

2017 Madfish label double LP issue of PH's 1985 recordings + (The Margin's bonus live album).

Available on vinyl for the first time.

Peter Hammill - Patience (vinyl)

2016 Madfish label 180g vinyl re-issue of PH's 1983 album Patience.

Peter Hammill - Enter K (vinyl)

2016 Madfish label 180g vinyl re-issue of PH's 1982 album Enter K.

Peter Hammill and the K Band - Live At Rockpalast (2cd/1dvd)

The legendary Peter Hammill / K Group Rockpalast concert from 1981 available as a 2cd/1dvd (region 0, ntsc) in digipak. Includes a booklet with photos and liner notes.

Peter Hammill - ...all that might have been...

A download of the 'songs' version of Peter Hammill's ambitious 2014 studio album, '...all that might have been...'.

Available as flac and mp3.

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Peter Hammill - ...all that might have been... (3cd)

A three CD box set edition of Peter Hammill's uniquely ambitious 2014 solo album

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - ...all that might have been... (vinyl)

A 180g vinyl edition of Peter Hammill's uniquely ambitious 2014 solo album, which presents the pieces as individual songs rather than the continuous cinematic mix of the CD version.

Signed copies have sold out - these copies are NOT signed

Peter Hammill - ...all that might have been... (cd)

The main CD edition of Peter Hammill's uniquely ambitious 2014 release.

Peter Hammill - The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage (cd)

The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage, from 1974, is seen as one of the classic early PH solo releases.

Featuring all the members of the Pawn Hearts era VDGG plus a guest performance from Spirit's Randy California, The Silent Corner is a dense and intense collection of typically untypical Hammill compositions.

Contains the epic A Louse Is Not A Home and the stunning apocalyptic opener, Modern.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring three bonus tracks.

Peter Hammill - The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage (vinyl)

A 2014 re-release of Peter Hammill's extraordinary third solo album from 1974.

Part of the Back To Black campaign, this is a limited edition heavyweight 180g LP packaged in a replica of the original artwork and comes with a download card.

(Please note some copies of the vinyl have small surface marks from the card inner sleeve. According to the label they do not affect the audio quality)

Peter Hammill / Gary Lucas - Other World (cd)

Peter Hammill joins forces with guitar maestro Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley) to create a spellbinding and stunning work.

Peter Hammill - Everyone You Hold (cd)

Peter Hammill's 1997 studio release is one of the most intimate and fragile in his stunning near five decade career.

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - Incoherence (cd)

Incoherence is an ambitious, linked 42 minute suite of songs dealing with the nature of language and communication.

One of the more unusual and compelling offerings from one of the most unusual and compelling careers.

Guy Evans & Peter Hammill - The Union Chapel Concert (cd)

The Union Chapel Concert was a one-off event that brought together VDGG's Guy Evans and Peter Hammill plus several notable guests, including David Jackson, Hugh Banton, Manny Elias and Stuart Gordon.

Perhaps the surprise of this evening in 1997 was that not only did it re-unite the mid-1970s VDGG line-up for the first time in two decades, but that the band played the Van Der Graaf classic Lemmings.

Elsewhere, Evans/Hammill duo pieces are performed as are solo pieces by Hammill, Jackson and Gordon.

Peter Hammill - What Now? (cd)

2001's What, Now? finds PH in more expansive and epic mood after years of sonic experiments and intimate singer-songwriter sets.

Contains the blazing 10 minute opener Here Comes The Talkies, which in its scope and mood/time shifts anticipates PH's reconnection with the spirit of the mighty Van Der Graaf.

Peter Hammill - Veracious (with Stuart Gordon) (cd)

One of PH's most highly regarded live outings, Veracious - from 2006 - finds the great man's material, both old and new, stripped to the bone and performed with passion and flair by PH and regular collaborator, the violinist Stuart Gordon.

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - Clutch (cd)

Dispensing with synths, keyboards and drums, 2002's Clutch is as close as Peter Hammill has come to creating an acoustic guitar / voice singer-songwriter album.

It being Hammill, things take an inevitably idiosyncratic and strange turn.

Big themes tackled in a personal way.

David Jackson and Stuart Gordon guest.

Peter Hammill - None Of The Above (cd)

Aided and abetted by regular collaborators violinist Stuart Gordon and drummer Manny Elias, Peter Hammill's 2000 studio release takes his remarkable and inimitable song craft into the 21st Century.

Peter Hammill & The K Group - The Margin + Live (double cd)

The Margin is a brilliant document of Hammill's early-mid 1980's 'Beat Group' on active live duty.

This expanded version includes an extra disc of material.

The booklet includes erudite musings from PH himself and the album contains scorching band treatments of solo classics such as the 20 minute Flight and the compelling 10 minute Happy Hour.

Out of stock.

Roger Eno & Peter Hammill - The Appointed Hour (cd)

Roger Eno and Peter Hammill's 1999 collaboration is the fascinating result of the two artists improvising in their respective home studios on April 1st 1999 between 1300 and 1400 GMT.

No overdubs were applied and the resulting album is a faithful document of one particular appointed hour.

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - A Black Box (cd)

A Black Box, from 1980, was PH's first independent label venture.

Featuring one side of short pieces - varying from the electro-atmospheric to straight out sonic assaults - the album's centrepiece was the side long opus, Flight. A brilliantly complex piece that both challenges and takes PH's music further while also hinting at the grand experiments of his Van Der Graaf days.

This is the 2006 re-master.

Peter Hammill - Sitting Targets (cd)

Sitting Targets, from 1981, is amongst the most accessible PH releases.

A brilliant fusion of powerful rock songs and poignant ballads infused with New Wave era production and Hammill's inimitable vocal delivery and customary intelligence.

This is the 2006 re-master.

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - Nadir's Big Chance (cd)

Nadir's Big Chance, from 1975, is one of the most influential albums in PH's long and varied career.

Ostensibly the work of Hammill's 'garage band' alter-ego Rikki Nadir, the album consists of 11 short, sharp and focused pieces that move from the fury of the title track to the beauty of Been Alone So Long and the complex emotions of People You Were Going To.

This is the 2006 re-master.

Peter Hammill - In Camera (cd)

In Camera, from 1974, is one of the most sonically adventurous of PH albums and the first produced and performed - almost entirely solo - at his own home studio.

Contains the terrifying Gog Magog (In Bromine Chambers) and the tender ballad Again.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring three bonus tracks recorded for the BBC.

Peter Hammill - Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night (cd)

Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night, from 1973, was PH's first album after the VDGG split.

A combination of understated, acoustic songs and epic pieces that wouldn't have been out of place on a follow up to Pawn Hearts (The End and In The Black Room), Chameleon captures PH at the peak of his early period intensity.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring three bonus tracks, including the standout Rain 4am.

Peter Hammill - The Future Now (cd)

The Future Now, from 1978, was a marked departure for Peter Hammill.

Immersing himself in the (often faulty) technology of the day and recording at home rather than in big studios, PH produced one of his most adventurous albums.

As extraordinary as its cover photograph, the album includes the poignant If I Could, the political A Motor-Bike In Africa and the searing attack, Energy Vampires.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring two live bonus tracks.

Out of stock.

Peter Hammill - Over (cd)

Over, from 1977, is arguably the most personal album in Peter Hammill's catalogue.

Featuring a series of songs detailing the end of relationships (of various kinds), the music alternates between orchestral laments, abrasive Rock blow-outs and acoustic singer-songwriter confessionals.

A brave and influential achievement.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring three bonus tracks.

Peter Hammill - PH7 (cd)

PH7, from 1979, was very much a continuation of its predecessor, The Future Now.

A combination of stark, heartfelt songs - including one dedicated to the memory of ex-VDGG bassist, Keith Ellis - and sonic experiments, the album finds PH ending the 1970s with several prescient pointers to the future.

This is the 2006 re-master featuring two bonus tracks recorded for the John Peel show.

Peter Hammill - Consequences (cd)

Consequences is Peter Hammill's thirtieth solo studio album of original songs and includes ten new pieces.

The instrumentation revolves around electric guitars, pianos and sparse percussion, while the occasional addition of instrumental textures enhances the album's unique 'sonic picture'.

The album is written, performed, sung and recorded entirely solo by PH.

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Peter Hammill - Thin Air

Thin Air is Peter Hammill?s twenty-eighth solo album of original songs and follows an eventful few years (a heart attack in December 2003 and a hugely successful Van der Graaf Generator reunion in 2004).

Singularity, his last solo work, was released in 2006 and was acclaimed as Peter's most innovative and important release since his late 70s/early 80s masterpieces, The Future Now and A Black Box.

A fascinating and mature addition to Peter?s brilliant body of work.

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Peter Hammill - Pno Gtr Vox - Live Performances (double cd)

While continuing to play his part with noisemakers supreme Van der Graaf Generator, Peter Hammill has found himself increasingly drawn towards genuine stripped-down solo performance when playing under his own name.

This double CD, taken from concerts in Japan and the UK in 2010 is Peter's first solo live recording since 1999 and shows him at the peak of his powers, pushing and stretching both himself and the material into and out of shape.

One CD is of Piano songs, the other guitar ones, with material being taken from all stages of Peter's illustrious career.

Peter Hammill - Singularity (cd)

Released in December 2006, Singularity was the first PH album to be recorded after suffering a heart attack in 2003.

A compelling and dark album, some of the songs refer directly to this experience, while others address the nature of mortality in different ways.

Written, played and produced entirely by PH, on its release, Singularity was hailed by many reviewers as one of his finest releases since the 1980s.

Peter Hammill - Fool's Mate (cd)

Peter Hammill's 1971 debut release Fool's Mate is a peculiar mix of delicate ballads and abrasive miniatures, containing several of his most beautiful songs (Vision, Child, The Birds, Summer Song In The Autumn etc).

Robert Fripp contributes some inventively idiosyncratic guitar and various members of VDGG and Lindisfarne also appear.

Contains 5 bonus tracks and a booklet with sleeve notes by Mark Powell.

peter hammill - fireships

Originally released in 1992, Fireships was the first release on Peter Hammill's own Fie! Records label and was also the first (and last!) release in the 'BeCalm' series.

Operating at the gentler and more introspective end of PH's output, Fireships is one of the most melodic and highly regarded albums of his long and varied career.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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peter hammill - patience

Patience was Peter Hammill's second album with the K Group and is very much a conceptual companion to its predecessor, Enter K.

Perhaps richer and more complex, the album contains Hammill signature song Labour Of Love, poignant ballad Just Good Friends and the menacing closer, Patient.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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peter hammill - enter k

1982's Enter K was Peter Hammill's first album with the K Group (featuring PH, alongside ex Vibrator John Ellis and former Van Der Graaf Generator members, Nic Potter and Guy Evans).

A powerful and lean album, combining Hammill's idiosyncratic style with the Post Punk spirit of the age, Enter K contains the classic ballad Don't Tell Me and the epic Happy Hour.

Features the non-album b-side, Seven Wonders.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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Peter Hammill - Loops & Reels

Recorded between 1980 and 1983, primarily for film and dance works, Loops & Reels was the first of Peter Hammill's Sonix series and contained music recorded in a spirit of experimentation, outside the normal world of the song.

The album includes A Ritual Mask, Peter's astonishing contribution to the first, fund-raising, WOMAD record and the 16 minute atmospheric epic, My Pulse.

The Sonix series provides an indispensable guide to the more experimental side of Peter Hammill's work.

Newly re-mastered edition.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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Peter Hammill - Unsung

The pieces on this final album in the (unintended) Sonix series of releases began life as experiments intended to lead to potential PH songs.

In the end, determined by their own rules, the pieces went in their own, often strange, directions.

The Sonix series provides an indispensable guide to the more experimental side of Peter Hammill's work.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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Peter Hammill - Sonix

Sonix continued Peter Hammill's 'outside-the-box' Sonix series of releases with music which was, for the most part, originally composed for film and dance.

The album's sonic experiments encompass near-string quartet pieces, raw feedback guitar explorations, and a modern-day version of player-piano work.

Music from beneath the surface and behind the light, the Sonix series provides an indispensable guide to the more experimental side of Peter Hammill's work.

Newly re-mastered.

mp3 download

flac download

Peter Hammill & Guy Evans - Spur Of The Moment

Dating from 1991, the long out of print Spur Of The Moment comprises a set of improvised pieces from Van Der Graaf alumni Hammill and Evans.

Born out of an interest in exploring the possibilities of MIDI (in the early days of the system), the album provides a fascinating snapshot of music technology history, as well as an opportunity to hear two remarkable musicians at their exploratory best.

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Hugh Banton - The Planets

Hugh Banton (Van Der Graaf Generator) performs a solo organ rendition of Gustav Holst's The Planets suite.

Also available as mp3 / flac download.

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Peter Hammill - This

Originally released in 1998, This marked a return to a more atmospheric solo music following band orientated albums such as X My Heart.

Highlights include the Ambient epic, The Light Continent, and the powerful Unrehearsed.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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Peter Hammill - X My Heart

A more song-based album than its predecessor, Roaring Forties, X My Heart, as with the majority of PH's output, remains a unique and uncompromising listen.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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Peter Hammill - Roaring Forties

Dating from 1994, Roaring Forties combines Hammill's disparate passions for noise, beauty and epic ambition.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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peter hammill - the noise

The 'beast' to Fireships 'beauty', The Noise was the first and only entry in Peter Hammill's 'A Loud' series.

The Noise finds PH on harder hitting and more Rock-orientated form than usual and, in some ways, acts as a 1990s extension of his earlier work with the K Group.

Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.

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