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Peter Chilvers

Peter Chilvers established Burning Shed in 2001 with Tim Bowness and Pete Morgan.

In addition to producing a number of primarily ambient solo albums, Peter has collaborated extensively with vocalists Tim Bowness and Sandra O'Neill and contributed 'space bass' to No-Man's Together We're Stranger. He has recently collaborated with ambient pioneer Brian Eno on Bloom, an application developed for the iPhone and iPod touch, available from iTunes.

More information, extensive samples, videos and a free downloadable album available from peterchilvers.com

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Latest Releases

Letka - Far Off Country (cd)

Seamlessly combining Country and Ambient influences in a uniquely ethereal way, Letka is the latest collaboration between Irish vocalist Sandra O'Neill and English multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers.

The evocative digipack, designed by Carl Glover, features images from his archive of photographs of American ghost towns.

Brian Eno appears on and produces Beyond The Fold.

Slow Electric - Slow Electric (cd)

Slow Electric is a project featuring Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers in collaboration with the Estonian duo UMA (guitarist Robert Jurjendal and trumpeter Aleksei Saks).

King Crimson's Tony Levin guests.

a marble calm - surfacing (cd)

A loose collective centred around the nucleus of Peter Chilvers and reclusive marimba/vibraphone virtuoso Jon Hart, A Marble Calm's debut release is an ambitious collection combining textural instrumentals and drifting songscapes. Featuring Burning Shed regulars Tim Bowness, Sandra O'Neill and Theo Travis and clocking in at 74 minutes long, the album distinctively blends influences from Contemporary Classical (Gorecki/Prt), ECM Jazz, Sigur Rs and the ambient songwriting of Sylvian, Eno and No-Man.

"Sandra O'Neill's singing on Gillian Welch's "I Dream a Highway" is heart-meltingly beautiful. I think this song deserves a new category - something like 'future country'. More, soon, please!" - Brian Eno

peter chilvers - piano (cd)

Echoing the powerful and ambitious 1970s solo piano suites by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea, Peter Chilvers' 'Piano' represents a return to the influences and improvisations that marked Peter's introduction to music.

The album's highlights include 'Ghost Town Suite', a linked sequence of seven atmospherically downbeat pieces recorded in a single half hour session.

peter chilvers - empty spaces (uxb remix) (free mp3 download)

'Empty Spaces', the musically spare and poignant closing track from Piano (a 2006 collection of solo piano improvisations by Chilvers), has been sensitively re-mixed by UXB, and given a beautiful Jazz-tinged makeover.

Evoking the atmosphere of Harold Budd and Brian Eno's acclaimed collaborative albums and the instrumental work of David Sylvian, 'Empty Spaces' is available as an exclusive free download.

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tim bowness / samuel smiles - world of bright futures

Unavailable since 2000, 'World Of Bright Futures', Tim Bowness's 1999 album with Samuel Smiles (Mike Bearpark, Peter Chilvers, Myke Clifford) is now available as an exclusive Burning Shed download.

Taking its cue from the timeless and sensuous late night ambience of John Martyn and the Blue Nile, and occasionally drawing from the darker terrain of Peter Hammill and Mark Eitzel, the album offers eight original compositions and two cover versions (Hammill's 'Ophelia' and King Crimson's 'Two Hands').

Featuring Sandra O'Neill, Tony Harn, and Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin and Steven Wilson, World of Bright Futures is awash with cheap drum machines and high emotions, digital hardware and human heartache.

Headphones ahoy!

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alias grace - griosach

Alias Grace return with three traditional songs from vocalist Sandra O'Neill's native Ireland, ranging from the choked guitars and pattering rhythms of She Moved Through the Fair to the atmospheric piano and guitar loops of Sally Gardens.

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