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Unholy - The Second Ring of Power (CD / DVD)

Unholy, from Finland, formed in 1988 & were among the first doom metal bands from the country. In the band's earlier years, starting under the moniker of Holy Hell, their style began as more a black/death/doom metal mix but progressed to a style of atmospheric, experimental doom metal. Unholy recorded 4 albums throughout their career before disbanding in 2002 & leaving a legacy as a very influential & legendary act in the Finnish doom metal scene who are still highly respected today, alongside other classic Finnish acts such as Thergothon.

'The Second Ring of Power' was the band's second studio album, & continued the boundary breaking approach to experimental doom metal which the band had established with debut album, 'From the Shadows', mixed with strong atmospherics & unusual structures. Unholy has remained a cult act over the years with a recent surge in interest, as the band announce a possible comeback in 2012.

This edition of 'The Second Ring of Power' is a dream come true for fans, as the band themselves have provided footage of a rare live performance in Imatra Finland, from 1994, featuring classic Unholy tracks.


CD Disc 1.
1. The Second Ring of Power
2. Languish for Bliss
3. Lady Babylon
4. Neverending Day
5. Dreamside
6. Procession of Black Doom
7. Covetous Glance
8. Air
9. Serious Personality Disturbance and Deep Anxiety

DVD Disc 2.
1. Intro
2. The Second Ring of Power
3. Languish for Bliss
4. Gray Blow
5. Air
6. Lady Babylon
7. Dreamside
8. Covetous Glance
9. Time has Gone



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