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Candlemass - Nightfall (picture disc vinyl preorder)

Marking 30 years since its original release comes one of the all-time classic Metal albums on a limited picture disc format.

Nightfall was the second Candlemass studio album from 1987. Alongside first album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Nightfall was instrumental in shaping the Doom Metal scene; a scene in which Candlemass is still a central pillar of.

Nightfall is frequently regarded as the definitive Candlemass album, and the pinnacle of Epic Doom.

This limited picture disc edition of Nightfall features the album's iconic artwork and is presented in a special cut-out sleeve.

Pre-order for 12th May release.


1 Gothic Stone
2 The Well Of Souls
3 Codex Gigas
4 At The Gallows End
5 Samarithan

1 Marche Funebre
2 Dark Are The Veils Of Death
3 Mourner's Lament
4 Bewitched
5 Black Candles



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