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Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky (vinyl picture disc)

A 2017 limited edition picture disc vinyl of Darkthrone's classic A Blaze in the Northern Sky' released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of both the band and the Peaceville label.

A Blaze In The Northern Sky, Darkthrone's second album, was originally released in 1992 and was without question a significant blueprint for the Black Metal scene, spearheading the evolution of the early second wave movement in Norway and beyond. It was hailed on release as an album of true scene-shifting greatness, following the band's more Death Metal orientated debut, Soulside Journey.

The iconic cover image is set in a special cut-out sleeve.

Please note:

Picture discs are handmade & not audiophile pressings.

This process of manufacture makes them, inevitably, more susceptible to crackles, pops & occasional warping.

But they do look fab!


A.1 Kathaarian Life Code
A.2 In The Shadow Of The Horns
A.3 Paragon Belial

B.1 Where Cold Winds Blow
B.2 A Blaze In The Northern Sky
B.3 The Pagan Winter



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