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Mortuary Drape - Buried in Time (CD)

Cult band Mortuary Drape was formed in Italy in 1986 as a trio, including the now long-standing & sole-remaining member, Wildness Perversion. Highly inspired by the dark arts & combining early influences from bands such as Mercyful Fate & Celtic Frost, Mortuary Drape developed their own unique style, defining themselves as black occult metal & releasing the demo ‘Necromancy’ in 1987 which spread their name throughout the underground; though it was not until 1992 that their first official release surfaced, with ‘Into the Drape’. This was followed by the debut full-length album, the classic ‘All the Witches Dance’ in 1994.

‘Buried in Time’ was released in 2004 & was the Italian group’s fourth album. Keeping with the dark ambience of their previous efforts whilst venturing into what could be deemed more accessible territory with clearer production values, ‘Buried in Time’ was still a metallic tour de force of thrashing yet melodic riffing. The album was recorded and mixed at Alpha Omega Studio, Como (Italy) during the summer of 2004

‘Buried in Time is presented here in newly remastered form, with the process itself overseen by the band, & includes 2 extra tracks, ‘Beyond the Veil’ & ‘The Envoy’.

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1. Unfading Revenge
2. Deep Void
3. Ectoplasm
4. Mystery... Guide Us To Death
5. Look Behind
6. Mirror Portrait
7. Who Calls Me
8. Spiritism... Around Us
9. Animism
10. Your Last Cradle
11. Crosses In Graveyard
12. Beyond The Veil
13. The Envoy



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