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Anathema - Pentecost III (Vinyl)

Anathema formed in Liverpool in the summer of 1990 & grew to become a major force in the doom metal genre with their early works, before exploring more rock & progressive elements over time to great success.
'Pentecost III' was released in early 1995 & was recorded at the infamous Academy Studios in Yorkshire UK. It featured classic heavy & often hypnotic doom metal, as well as a reworking/re-recording of the Memento Mori track from the 'Iliad' of Woes demo, plus the hidden track '666'.

This was the last release that vocalist Darren White appeared on, before leaving the band to form The Blood Divine with various members of the original Cradle Of Filth line up.

This is the first vinyl edition of 'Pentecost III', having only reached the test pressing stage originally, & is presented on 180gsm black vinyl.

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1. Kingdom (9.31)
2. We, The Gods (9.59)

1. Mine Is Yours To Drown In (Ours Is The New Tribe) (5.40)
2. Pentecost III (3.54)
3. Memento Mori/666 (11:19)



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