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Khold - Phantom (CD)

Norwegian black metal band Khold formed in Oslo in the year 2000, by Gard & Sarke (currently seen in his own, self-named act, alongside Darkthrone?s Nocturno Culto), as Khold emerged out of the ashes of the cult band Tulus. They have recorded 5 albums to date, & have successfully toured with bands such as Satyricon & Behemoth in the past. Khold is also notable for their use of old Norse for song-titles & lyrics.

?Phantom? was Khold?s second album, released in 2002 on Moonfog Productions, just one year on from their debut ?Masterpiss of Pain?. The tracks on offer were once again a fine concoction of mid-paced, often groove-laden black metal, with old-school riffing, & a prominent bass presence helping to drive the tracks along. Khold quickly became firmly established in the black metal world as a serious force in this newer wave of Norwegian acts. The release of ?Phantom? was also followed by a tour with fellow Norwegians Satyricon.

This edition of ?Phantom? includes a bonus demo version of the song ?Rovnatt? recorded by the band in 2000, which had originally led to the band inking a deal with Moonfog.


Dødens Grøde
Skjebnevette Vette
Hekseformular i Vev
Fra Grav til Mørke
Døde Fuglers Sang
Ord i Flammer

Bonus track
Rovnatt (Demo 2000)


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