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The Blood Divine - Rise Pantheon Dreams (cd)

Rise Pantheon Dreams is a superlative compilation of the best of The Blood Divine's Peaceville output.

A Gothic Metal supergroup formed in the Autumn of 1995 by three former members of Cradle Of Filth (Paul & Ben Ryan & Paul Allender), ex-Anathema vocalist Darren White and Was Sarginson (Extreme Noise Terror & December Moon), the band signed to Peaceville Records in early 1996.

The Blood Divine's first release was the track ?Aureole? featured on the Peaceville sampler, ?Under The Sign Of The Sacred Star?

Recorded at the legendary Academy Studios, the band's debut album, Awaken, was released to critical and fan acclaim in September 1996.

Touring Europe supporting label mates My Dying Bride, TBD were voted Best New Band in the Terrorizer magazine annual Reader's Poll in 2007.

The band recorded their second album Mystica in May 1997, with producer Peewee Coleman (famed for his work with Venom & Paradise Lost), but in 1998, The Blood Divine disbanded citing musical differences as the reason.

Post TBD, Paul Allender is now back with Cradle Of Filth. Daz White is fronting Dead Men Dream, Ben Ryan runs a website design company, Was Sarginson plays drums with Vero, while Steve Maloney formed the band Johnny Zhivago.


1: Aureole
2: Visions In Blue
3: As Rapture Fades
4: Revolt
5: Wilderness
6: Sensual Ecstasy
7: Enhanced By Your Touch
8: I Will Bleed
9: The Passion Reigns
10: Leaving Me Helpless
11: Forever Belongs
12: So Serene
13: Crazy Horses



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