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Paradise Lost - Icon (Double vinyl)

Paradise Lost formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1988 & are known for being the founders of the Gothic Death/Doom Metal genre; a style fully brought into existence with their genre-defining second album, the highly influential ?Gothic?.

Having released 2 albums, including ?Gothic?, for the UK?s Peaceville Records & later helping to establish Peaceville as home to the finest trio of UK doom bands (alongside My Dying Bride & Anathema), Paradise Lost then signed with fellow UK label, Music For Nations which eventually led to the band breaking through to mainstream rock & metal audiences as their style evolved.

?Icon? was Paradise Lost?s fourth album, & considered a breakthrough release for the band in 1993. ?Icon? greatly helped to establish them among the UK?s best metal acts, & gained the band a large international following in the process. This was assisted by classic tracks such as ?Embers Fire? & ?True Belief?. Each track a showcase of highly atmospheric gothic doom/rock, with a developed, more clean vocal approach by Nick Holmes helping the band to more mainstream appeal which is exactly what happened, & continued with the band?s follow-up album ?Draconian Times?. All in all, ?Icon? was a colossal success & is regarded as one of the top doom metal albums.

?Icon? was recorded at Recorded at Jacobs Studios, Surrey & produced by Simon Efemey.

This edition of ?Icon? comes on double heavyweight black vinyl, with gatefold sleeve & is numbered to 2000 copies.


Side 1.
1 Embers Fire
2 Remembrance
3 Forging Sympathy

Side 2.
1 Joys Of The Emptiness
2 Dying Freedom
3 Widow
4 Colossal

Side 3.
1 Weeping Words
2 Poison
3 True

Side 4.
1 Shallow Seasons
2 Christendom
3 Deus Misereatur


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