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Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes (DVD standard edition)

This standard edition of the Roundhouse Tapes set contains the critically acclaimed Opeth performance from the Camden Roundhouse, London, UK in 2006 and sees the band in scintillating form playing a selection of classics from their illustrious career.

The DVD extras include soundtrack footage from the show, a backstage interview with the band plus fan footage all captured at the ?Roundhouse?.

?the Swedes put on a show of spectacular greatness in this legendary venue ? an amazing performance by one of Europe?s premier epic metal bands.? Rocksound

?90 minutes of electrifying music.? Terrorizer


1. When
2. Ghost of Perdition
3. Under The Weeping Moon
4. Bleak
5. Face of Melinda
6. Night and the Silent Water
7. Windowpane
8. Blackwater Park
9. Demon of the Fall

Extras :
- Interview with band
- Fan interviews
- Soundcheck
- Photogallery

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The Roundhouse Tapes (DVD standard edition)
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