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My Dying Bride - A Line of Deathless Kings - UK 'box' edition (CD)

2006 saw the arrival of the My Dying Bride opus, ?A Line of Deathless Kings?.

A fascinating journey and a fine follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2004 album ?Songs of Darkness, Words of Light?, the album features an extended version of the single ?Deeper Down?.

Since their debut in 1992 with ?As the Flower Withers?, My Dying Bride have consistently exceeded expectations with each successive release and have become leaders of the Gothic/Doom metal genre, with their own unmistakable style, atmosphere and sound.

?A Line of Deathless Kings? was recorded at Academy Studios, Yorkshire, mixed at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire, and mastered at the infamous Abbey Road Studios.

Also to be released in special edition CD format, which includes the video to the single track 'Deeper Down', plus as a limited double-vinyl release.

This special 'UK edition' version includes the video to the single track 'Deeper Down', and also comes with an exclusive poster and postcard set.

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1. To Remain Tombless
2. L' Amour Detruit
3. I Cannot Be Loved
4. And I Walk With Them
5. Thy Raven Wings
6. Loves Intolerable Pain
7. One of Beauty's Daughter
8. Deeper Down
9. The Blood, The Wine, The Roses



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