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Mayhem - Originators of the Northern Darkness (Digipack CD)

?Originators of the Northern Darkness? was originally released in 2001 in honour of one of Scandinavia?s greatest metal exports, Mayhem, who formed in the mid 80?s and received critical appraisal for their seriously dark music, and also attracted much attention for the tragedy surrounding the band, with the suicide of vocalist Dead in 1991, and then the well-documented murder of guitarist Euronymous in 1993.

Some of the most legendary & well-known bands in the black/death metal scene come together to pay tribute to one of the mightiest forces in Black Metal over the last 20 years.

Featuring such greats as Immortal, Vader, Behemoth & Emperor, every band featured offers a glorious interpretation of Mayhem classics such as ?De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas? and ?The Freezing Moon?. Also contains lesser known Mayhem tracks such as ?Ghoul?, as covered here by CarpathianForest, and ?Carnage?, covered by Polish death metal titans, Behemoth; The majority of tracks still remaining close to the original spirit and sound of Mayhem.

Also features a contribution by current Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar on the track ?Funeral Fog? (as covered here by Emperor to stunning effect).

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1. From The Dark Past - IMMORTAL
2. Pagan Fears - DARK FUNERAL
3. Freezing Moon - VADER
4. Funeral Fog - EMPEROR
5. Carnage - BEHEMOTH
6. De Misteriis dom sathanas - LIMBONIC ART
7. Buried By Time And Dust - KEEP OF KALESSIN
8. Life Eternal - GORGOROTH
10. I Am Thy Labyrinth - SETH
11. Cursed in Eternity - GEHENNA
12. Deathcrush - ABSU



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