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Katatonia - Live Consternation (CD/DVD)

'Live Consternation' features a double-disc CD/DVD package containing Katatonia's blistering performance at the famous Summerbreeze festival in 2006.

The show is included as a DVD (with sound in 5.1 surround and 2.0 ch) and also as a separate audio CD, all in super jewel case packaging.

The set-list covers a good, broad selection of tracks from mainly recent catalogue titles with many fan favourites from current and past albums.

The show captures Katatonia at their glorious best, during what was an extremely successful year for the band, with the acclaimed 'The Great Cold Distance' album release, 2 singles, plus European & North American tours


1. Leaders
2. Wealth
3. Soil's Song
4. Had to (Leave)
5. Cold ways
6. Right into the Bliss
7. Ghost of the Sun
8. Criminals
9. Deliberation
10. July
11. Evidence


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