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Abscess - Through The Cracks Of Death (CD)

Abscess hail from Oakland California and started life in 1994. As the name suggests, the band are best described as 'Sickodelic Gore Metal'. Chris Reifert & Danny Coralles are both founder members of late 80's/early 90's gore metal band 'Autopsy' who were signed to Peaceville for 4 albums in the early 90's.

Chris also started his career in the 80's with the highly influential extreme metal band 'Death'.

In 2002, Abscess signed to Peaceville Records and recorded SickCore classic, 'Through The Cracks Of Death' at 'Different Fur Recording Studios' in San Francisco. The band already being very familiar with the studio as they recorded the seminal Autopsy album 'Mental Funeral' there in 1990.

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  1. Raping The Multiverse
  2. Mourners Will Burn
  3. Through The Cracks Of Death
  4. Escalation Of Violence
  5. Serpent Of Dementia
  6. An Asylum Below
  7. Tomb Of The Unknown Junkie
  8. Monolithic Damnation
  9. Die For Today
  10. 16 Horrors
  11. Vulnavia



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