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Seminal Swedish Doom Metallers with an unparalleled career of evil.

Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (Double vinyl)


Candlemass - Tales of Creation (Vinyl)


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Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - 25th anniversary edition (Double CD)

2 disc edition of the legendary debut by Candlemass, marking 25 years since the original release. Packed in a deluxe digibook with booklet and bonus commentary disc.

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (2 CD)

'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' is a true classic. Every track is undeniably strong - heavy metal riffs blended with almost neo-classical touches, plus theatrical elements.

This is one of the definitive Doom Metal releases, immortalising the band, alongside early developers of the style such as the US band, Pentagram.

This edition of Epicus contains a bonus CD with live versions of Candlemass classics taken from a performance in Birmingham, 1988.

(This version comes in a jewel case - CDVILED201X)

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Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (vinyl)

A limited vinyl edition of what Metal Hammer referred to as 'the definitive Doom album?.

A Candlemass classic.

180gms coloured vinyl in numbered gatefold sleeve.

?After two decades, its vibrancy and potency are unmarred? - Terrorizer (rating 9/10)

Candlemass - Nightfall (vinyl)

Vinyl edition of the classic 1980's Candlemass album on gold coloured vinyl in numbered gatefold sleeve.

Candlemass - Live (2 CD)

A 2 disc live set featuring a string of Candlemass favourites from their early albums, including songs from the all-time Doom Metal classics, 'Epicus Doomicus Metalicus' & 'Nightfall'.

Mostly recorded in 1990, the performances highlight the enigmatic and unmistakable vocal presence of Messiah Marcolin, and the powerful theatricality of the live Candlemass sound.

Additionally features live bonus track recordings taken from the Dynamo Festival (Holland) in 1988.

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Candlemass - From the 13th Sun (CD)

Originally released in 1999, From the 13th Sun is a highly regarded release in the band's catalogue. Critically acclaimed, its reputation as one of the stronger Candlemass albums has only grown over the years.

In stark contrast to their earlier output of sweeping epic compositions, this album consists of a more modern doom sound mixed with some experimental effects and psychedelic rock influences to create an unusual and interesting album which could be described as an intriguing fusion of Black Sabbath's greatest moments and Hawkwind?s space-rock sensibilities.

This edition also includes 3 bonus tracks not included on the original album.

Candlemass - Dactylis Glomerata / Abstrakt Algebra II (2CD)

Dactylis Glomerata was an album of more stripped down dirty doom, evoking what could be described as a strong stoner vibe, along with some hard rock elements, rather than the more epic heavy metal inspired compositions from previous albums, which the band were more known for.

This is presented as a digitally re-mastered two CD reissue and includes two bonus tracks, 'Container' and 'Thirst', plus the long lost Abstrakt Algebra II album as a bonus disc!

Candlemass - Chapter VI (CD/DVD)

Chapter VI was the fifth Candlemass studio album and was originally released in 1992. After a string of classic doom metal releases, this was the first album to move away from a pure doom metal style into a more classic heavy metal stlye, and was the first release to follow the departure of vocalist Messiah Marcolin, replaced by Tomas Vikström. The album includes Candlemass favourites ?The Ebony Throne? and ?Where The Runes Still Speak?.

This remastered double disc edition also features bonus material, with the old rare EP ?Candlemass Sjunger Sigge Furst?, and a DVD featuring 8 tracks from a live performance in 1993 and the ?The Dying Illusion? promo video.

Candlemass - Tales of Creation (2 CD)

Tales of Creation was Candlemass?s fourth album, originally released in 1989. The album sees Messiah Marcolin (handling vocal duties for the final time on a Candlemass album), alongside composer & long-standing member Leif Edling create a stunning soundscape of epic atmosphere and melodic passages.

This edition features a bonus CD which includes video footage and previously unreleased demo tracks.

Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (2 CD)

Massively influential third album from the pioneers of epic Doom Metal.

Ancient Dreams was Candlemass?s third album. Released in 1988, it featured a plethora of slow-mid tempo epic arrangements, with the unique tones & unmistakable voice of Messiah Marcolin still dominating proceedings.

This edition of the Doom Metal classic contains a bonus disc featuring live tracks and the video for Mirror Mirror.

Candlemass - 20 Year Anniversary Party (DVD)

For this very special release, Sweden?s Candlemass performed at a show filmed in Kolingsborg in their home country, as a celebration of 20 years of the band?s doomination of the Metal world.

This set features guest appearances from members of acts such as Therion & Grand Magus, and also includes Michael Akerfeldt from Opeth who joins the band onstage for a storming rendition of ?At the Gallows End?; all contributing to a set-list spanning the band?s career to date.

The DVD includes band interviews and additional footage, coming in at over 3 hours of top Doom Metal from this most celebrated of acts.

Candlemass - Nightfall (2 CD)

A re-release of ?Nightfall?, the second Candlemass album, from 1987.

Alongside first album ?Epicus Doomicus Metallicus?, this is rightly hailed as a Doom classic and was instrumental in shaping the Doom Metal scene that still exists 20 years on.

This edition of ?Nightfall? also contains a bonus CD featuring previously unreleased demo and live recordings.


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