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ProjeKct X - Heaven and Earth (cd)

Recorded during the rehearsals and sessions for The ConstruKction of Light, in 2000, ProjeKct X was conceived as the Double Duo's alter-ego.

Continuing the research and development work of King Crimson's ProjeKct series of releases, Heaven and Earth was assembled by Pat Mastelotto and Bill Munyon from studio outtakes and group jams and represents the band at its most electronic and rhythmically driven.

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1. The Business of Pleasure (2:44)
2. Hat in The Middle (3:43)
3. Side Window (3:08)
4. Maximizer (6:30)
5. Strange Ears (Aging Rapidly) (9:37)
6. Overhead Floor Mats Under Toe Real Audio (5:47)
7. Six O'Clock (4:09)
8. Superbottomfeeder (8:10)
9. One E And Real Audio (3:08)
10. Two Awkward Moments (1:07)
11. Demolition (7:04)
12. Conversation Pit (2:11)
13. Cin AlayI (1:58)
14. Heaven And Earth (8:13)
15. Belew Jay Way (5:02)


Line-up :

Adrian Belew
Robert Fripp
Trey Gunn
Pat Mastelotto

Engineering: Bill Munyon



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