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King Crimson - A Beginner's Guide To ProjeKcts - The Deception of the Thrush (cd)

A Beginner?s Guide To ProjeKcts (1999), is a key recording in understanding recent Crimson history with its presentation of a selection of material from the sub-groupings that formed of various members of the mid 90s double trio line-up.

The material ? mostly derived from improvised start points ? performed by the four separate ProjeKcts bands informed much of the musical thinking of subsequent Crimson activities.

The album, itself a collection drawn from the 4CD box set of ProjeKcts recordings, was subtitled Deception of the Thrush and that particular piece became a regular part of the King Crimson set.

Fripp refers to this period as ?the fractalisation of King Crimson? with the individual ProjeKcts acting partly as a type of research and development for future King Crimson output. Begun as a unique experiment, the ProjeKcts became a vital component in King Crimson?s ongoing evolution.

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1 - 7. Masque (ProjeKct Three)

8. 4 i 1 (ProjeKct One)
9. 2 ii 3 (ProjeKct One)
10. 4 ii 4 (ProjeKct One)

11. Sus-tayn-Z (ProjeKct Two)

12. Deception of the Thrush (ProjeKct Three/Four)

13 ? 15. Ghost [part 1] (ProjeKct Four)
15 ? 17. Ghost [part 2] (ProjeKct Four)



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