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Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles are a unique phenomenon. Long before they released a record or CD, they had become a group whose music was revered throughout the mid 80's UK underground and alternative scenes.

Taking their name from an imaginary breakfast cereal, thought up while the group was "Expanding their consciousness," they swiftly took their place as a staple festival band and are often cited as one of the most innovative bands of their generation.

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Ozric Tentacles - Tantric Obstacles (double vinyl)

Remastered double LP edition of the Ozrics classic second album from 1985 pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl.

Tantric Obstacles released in 1985 on cassette only following in the footsteps of its debut Erpsongs.

A perfect snapshot of the band at the height of the 'free festival' era.


1. Og-ha-be [4:39]
2. Shards Of Ice [3:47]
3. Sniffing Dog [6:31]

1. Music To Gargle At [3:25]
2. Ethereal Cereal [2:15]
3. Atmosphear [4:30]
4. Ullular Gate [4:23]
5. Tentacles Of Erpmind [0:32]

1. Trees Of Eternity [7:21]
2. Mescalito [4:04]
3. Oddhamshaw Style [1:53]
4. Become The Otter [4:58]

1. Gnuthlia [5:24]
2. Sorry Style [3:44]
3. The Aum Shuffle [3:03]



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