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Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles are a unique phenomenon. Long before they released a record or CD, they had become a group whose music was revered throughout the mid 80's UK underground and alternative scenes.

Taking their name from an imaginary breakfast cereal, thought up while the group was "Expanding their consciousness," they swiftly took their place as a staple festival band and are often cited as one of the most innovative bands of their generation.

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Snapper Classics

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (CD + DVD)

A CD/DVD edition of the Ozric's 1993 Top 20 classic.

The CD features the original album re-mastered, while the DVD includes the video for Vita Voom plus live footage from Glastonbury, the feature In The Studio - The making of Jurassic Shift, and more.

Ozric Tentacles - Arboresence (CD)

The classic 'Arborescence' was the successful follow-up to 'Jurrasic Shift'.

Emulating its predecessor's impact, 'Arborescence' entered the UK Top Twenty on its initial release in May 1994.

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Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (CD)

Re-packaged reissue of the Ozrics 1993 breakthrough release includes extensive liner notes.

"Jurassic Shift remains a creative peak." - Classic Rock

Ozric Tentacles - Spice Doubt (CD)

On June 7th 1998, the Ozric Tentacles performed for an exclusive live broadcast via the Internet at the legendary Syklopps Studios San Francisco, CA.

The resulting recording, Spice Doubt, is now available re-mastered and repackaged in a stunning digi-pack gatefold sleeve

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Ozric Tentacles - Erpland - 2 disc special editon (CD + DVD IN MEDIABOOK)

Re-mastered CD and DVD version of the Ozrics classic 1990 album.

Disc 2 includes the first authorised released of the much sought after Brixton Fridge gig from 1991.

Ozric Tentacles - Erpland (CD)

Erpland was the eighth release from the pioneering band that were formed around a campfire in Stonehenge.

Adored by the New Age hordes and Prog Rock cognoscentii, the Ozrics existed completely outside of the mainstream (selling their first six albums on cassettes copied up by the guitarist Ed Wynne in between gigs).

Erpland has now been re-mastered and this edition comes complete with comprehensive liner notes.

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Ozric Tentacles - Become The Other (CD)

Recorded in 1994/5, Become The Other was the Ozric Tentacles 14th album.

The album saw the departure of Merv Pepler & Joie Hinton (who left to devote themselves full time to techno offshoot Eat Static).

The unique Ozric sound found fresh inspiration as the band welcomed influential new members, Seaweed (keyboards) and Rad (drums).

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Ozric Tentacles - Live Underslunky (CD)

Recorded in 1992, Live Underslunky was the sixth release from festival stalwarts the Ozric Tentacles.

During a two year break from the studio, The Ozrics recorded this 11 track live album, featuring the classic tracks Erpland and Snakepit.

Re-mastered and repackaged in Snapper Classics digi-pack.

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Ozric Tentacles - Swirly Termination (CD)

The Ozrics uniquely combine progressive jazz and reggae rhythms with spacey synth, and gripping guitarwork to create a musical landscape of rare colour, depth and imagination.

The music on 'Swirly Termination', dating from 2000, is in a constant state of movement and flux, and exhibits the ceaseless invention that is at the heart of the Ozrics appeal.

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Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude (2CD)

A fan favourite and one of the most highly regarded and consistently strong albums from the Ozric's prolific and illustrious career.

This 2-disc version is housed in a smart digibook, the CD features the original album re-mastered, while the bonus disc includes live recordings and alternate versions of tracks from the album recorded at the time.

Includes the UK Indie No.1 single "Sploosh".

Ozric Tentacles - Curious Corn (CD)

1997's Curious Corn strongly continues in the tradition of previous Ozric releases, offering the group's trademark new-age cosmic-rock sound.

Ozric Tentacles - Pyramidion (CD)

Following their acclaimed 17th full-length studio album, 'The Hidden Step', the UK's premier sonic pioneers released the mini-album 'Pyradmidion' on 21st May 2001.

The four live tracks, 'Aramanu', 'Pixel Dream' 'Xingu' and Sultana Detrii' were recorded at Sheffield's Boardwalk in 2000, making them the first live Ozric Tentacles tracks to be released for 10 years.

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Ozric Tentacles - The Hidden Step (CD)

Originally released in October 2000, The Hidden Step is the 16th studio album from the Ozric Tentacles, the UK's unique psychedelic electronic jam-band.

The album features seven diverse tracks which all have an underlining far eastern theme, tying in with the album?s title, a reference to the hidden step in the great pyramid.

"Ozric Tentacles mix dub, Indian influences, ambient techno and all-round synth with equal measures and to great effect" - Q magazine

Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities (CD)

Released in September 1999, 'Waterfall Cities' was a giant leap forward for the band, taking a more Released in September 1999, 'Waterfall Cities' represented a giant leap forward for the Ozrics, taking a more obvious step into electronica, whilst still managing to retain their unique sound.

An explosion of keyboards, acid squelches and blistering guitar passages, the musical and technical brilliance of the Ozrics comes to the fore in strange and unexpected ways.

This is an album to treasure - it'll surprise you at every turn Joel McIver - Record Collector

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Ozric Tentacles - Floating Seeds Remixed (CD)

The Ozrics remix album, now in mid-price digipak.

In 1999, many of the Ozric's key tunes were remixed by the cream of the dance industry, including Will White (Propellerheads), Youth, System 7, Sparky Lightbourne and Space Raiders from the UK's legendary dance label Skint.

"Leave it to those crazy Brit kids. After years of venturing glorified computer programmers and tape splicers as part of the rave, house and dance music scenes, they've discovered the progressive instrumental rock of Ozric Tentacles" - Creative Loafing USA



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