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nosound - clouds

One of Nosound's more eclectic releases, 'Clouds' is a 3 track EP of exclusive, new, material recorded during the sessions for the band's forthcoming album, 'Lightdark'.

Coming two years after debut release, 'Sol29', the EP can be considered as a bridge between their atmospheric first album and the more diverse and dynamic, 'Lightdark'.

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1. cold afterall (6:18)
2. like the elephant? (5:40)
3. clouds (10:34)


giancarlo erra: vocals, guitars, keyboards
paolo martellacci: keyboards, vocals
paolo vigliarolo: acoustic & electric guitars
alessandro luci: bass
gigi zito: drums, vocals

gabriele savini: acoustic guitars on cold afterall

written, recorded, produced and mixed by giancarlo erra
additional production: paolo martellacci, gigi zito, alessandro luci, gabriele savini
additional recording: gigi zito


'Cold Afterall': One of the first songs prepared for the new album, the song is an aexcellent example of the new 'band' sound that Nosound has developed since 'Sol 29'.

'Like The elephant?': An improvised song featuring distorted guitars and psychedelic rock experiments. Featuring the typically melodic and down tempo Nosound sound in a harder 'rock' context.

'Clouds': A 10 minute ambient and electronic instrumental, originally intended as the coda to 'Lightdark', the title track of the new Nosound album.



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