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Formed in 1987, No-Man is the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.

In addition to No-Man titles, Burning Shed stocks work by the duo's other projects (Porcupine Tree, Memories Of Machines etc).

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no-man - returning jesus (cd)

No-Man's fourth album, released in 2001, was the band's most ambitious statement to date and featured a more organic band sound than had been heard on previous releases.

Uniquely and effortlessly combining disparate influences from chamber jazz and classical musics to experimental pop and singer-songwriter intimacy, Returning Jesus ranked as the finest achievement in the band's first decade of existence.

Including performances by Steve Jansen (drums) and Colin Edwin (bass/double bass) on most tracks, as well as contributions from Ian Carr, Ian Dixon and acclaimed singer-songwriter Ben Christophers.

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1 only rain (7.24)
2 no defense (5.20)
3 close your eyes (8.25)
4 carolina skeletons (5.08)
5 outside the machine (5.46)
6 returning jesus (5.19)
7 slow it all down (3.42)
8 lighthouse (8.12)
9 all that you are (4.44)



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