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Formed in 1987, No-Man is the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.

In addition to No-Man titles, Burning Shed stocks work by the duo's other projects (Porcupine Tree, Memories Of Machines etc).

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no-man - Speak (2009 edition CD)

The Kscope edition of No-Man's 'Speak' album (which was previously available as a limited run on Headphone Dust).

Features sleeve notes by Steven Wilson, Tim Bowness and Dann Chinn and a bonus track in the shape of the 11 minute ambient piece, The Hidden Art Of Man Ray.

The tracks date from the very earliest years of the band (1988-89), but were subject to re-recording and re-mixing in 1999. Steven and Tim regard the album as being amongst their finest work.

Catalogue number changed to KSCOPE129M

Other Versions / Formats

no-man - Speak (2009 edition CD)


1 speak (1.24)
2 pink moon (3.03)
3 iris murdoch cut me down (4.33)
4 curtain dream (3.01)
5 heaven's break (3.22)
6 french tree terror suspect (2.59)
7 river song (2.01)
8 riverrun (4.44)
9 the ballet beast (1.27)
10 night sky sweet earth (6.37)
11 life with picasso (3.26)
12 death and dodgson's dreamchild (2.19)
13 the hidden art of man ray (11.42)



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