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Formed in 1987, No-Man is the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.

In addition to No-Man titles, Burning Shed stocks work by the duo's other projects (Porcupine Tree, Memories Of Machines etc).

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No-Man - Schoolyard Ghosts - Alternates/Edits

No-Man's rare cd accompaniment to the Schoolyard Ghosts album available as a download for the first time.

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File Size: 27.0 MB.

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File Size: 106.0 MB.


1) Truenorth Part 1 - Strings (1:50)
2) Truenorth Part 2 - Alternate (3:51)
3) Beautiful Songs You Should Know - Alternate (4:06)
4) Pigeon Beater (3:04)
5) Song Of The Surf - Alternate (3:49)
6) Truenorth Part 2 - Video Edit (4:19)



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