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Formed in 1987, No-Man is the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson.

In addition to No-Man titles, Burning Shed stocks work by the duo's other projects (Porcupine Tree, Memories Of Machines etc).

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No-Man - Lighthouse (free mp3 download)

A live version of the Returning Jesus highlight taken from Love And Endings.

Starting out as a sedate love song, the piece becomes increasingly complex and powerful before reaching its blissful conclusion.

This eight and half minute rendition features a vocal middle eight dropped from the album.

No-Man - Schoolyard Ghosts - Alternates/Edits

No-Man's rare cd accompaniment to the Schoolyard Ghosts album available as a download for the first time.

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No-Man - Highlights From Mixtaped

No-Man's rare cd accompaniment to the Mixtaped dvd available as a download for the first time.

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No-Man - Together We're Stranger

No-Man's 2003 album available as a download for the first time.

'A beautiful, heartfelt album.' - Nick Shilton (Classic Rock)

'Some of the most spine-chillingly gorgeous music imaginable.' - Johnny Black (Mojo/Back On The Tracks)

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no-man - speak

Dating from the earliest years of the band (1988-89), but subject to re-recording and re-mixing in 1999, Speak is regarded by No-Man as being amongst their finest work.

This download (with printable artwork) is the Snapper / Headphone Dust re-mastered edition and features the 11 minute ambient bonus track, The Hidden Art of Man Ray.

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no-man - returning jesus demos

A collection of the demos written and recorded for 2001's Returning Jesus album.

This download album was originally issued as the third disc of Tonefloat's lavish Returning Jesus - The Complete Sessions vinyl release in 2005.

These alternate, and often very different, versions of Returning Jesus songs date from between 1994 and 1998 and comprise the creative groundwork for what was to become one of No-Man's most popular and critically acclaimed albums.

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no-man - the break-up for real

Comprising the drum mix of 'The Break-Up For Real', 'Back When You Were Beautiful' and '(bluecoda)', this was a promotional release by Snapper Music to support the CD/DVD-A edition of No-Man's 'Together We're Stranger' album.

The EP comes with downloadable artwork.

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no-man - burning shed event 16.06.06

Taken from the unexpected No-Man reunion performance at The Garage in Norwich, England on 16th June 2006, 'Things I Want To Tell You' was the spontaneously selected encore.

Featuring a piano-led approach radically different from the Together We're Stranger original, this intimate and heartfelt rendition of the song marked a stirring live return for a band that hadn't played together on stage since 1994.

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