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Non-Bio - Blue Horned Humanoids (CD)

Blue Horned Humanoids is the first album by electro-industrial / dark ambient artist, Non-Bio.

What began as a film/animation project - primarily making visuals for other bands - eventually gave life to electronic music of its own.

Inspired by film and video game soundtracks via twisted bleep-disco and creeping horror ambience, Blue Horned Humanoids suggests a curious mixture of Skinny Puppy, 8-bit pop, Wumpscut and Coil.


1. Survival Horror (3:05)
2. Light Absorbent Disco Ball (4:35)
3. Illuminati (3:35)
4. Megacube (4:05)
5. Microsleep (2:05)
6. Beer Monsters (5:20)
7. Emitter-Grid-Collector (8:16)
8. Mental Causeway (4:13)
9. Hostile Bone Structure (2:52)
10. Transubstantiation (4:50)
11. Everything You've Been Told Is A Lie (3:03)



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