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Final Coil - Goodbye To All That (CD)

Final Coil are a UK based band combining the adventurous riffing and rhythms of Tool with the down-beat vocal harmonies of Alice in Chains.

Comprising five tracks, ranging from the raw Punk aggression of Gutless to the sweeping melodies of Disappointment, Goodbye To All That is the powerful debut mini-album from UK-based alt-metal band Final Coil


1. Leaving Hell (3.56)
2. Waste Yr Time (4.26)
3. Disappointment (3.38)
4. Gutless (2.36)
5. Goodbye to all that (4.22)


Final Coil are:
Phil Stiles: Lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Richard Awdry: Lead guitar and Backing vocals
Jola Dabek: Bass
Tom Malin: Drums

All music: Final Coil
All Lyrics: Phil Stiles
Recorded by: Ian Hollis at Booland Studios
Cover art and layout: Jola Dabek
Photography: Marta Szara


Recorded in a blistering heat over two short days, this debut mini-album is made up of the band's strongest live tracks. Most of the songs were recorded in single takes to capture the band at their most spontaneous and inventive. No digital tools were used to edit the tracks and the band are proud of the fact that in an age where digital perfection is the norm, they still strive to capture the raw intensity of a live performance.



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