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mirage - child's play (cd)

Utilising guest musicians and a noticably expanded line-up, Child's Play, the second album by Mirage, sees the duo of Geoff Leigh and Cathy Williams further develop the atmospheric West/East fusion suggested by their evocative debut release.

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1. Child's Play (4.27)
2. Andalusian Sky (8.36)
3. Light & Shade (4.51)
4. Moment to Moment (5.07)
5. Gobi (7.50)
6. Saraja (7.45)
7. Highlands (4.57)
8. Breathe In-Breathe Out (7.24)

Total Running time: 51.71


Geoff Leigh - Flutes, nose flute, khene,soprano sax,shenai, zither,jaws harp,percussion, synth, voice.
Cathy Williams - Voice,harmonium,tampura,bells & bowls.


Sam Christie - Drums
Gem McSweeney - mandola,flute,percussion
Carolyn Ryan - Tampura, bells
Justine Rees - Cello
Felix Padel - Violin

Recorded at Newport Memorial Hall by Geoff Leigh, mixed by Geoff Leigh & mastered by Harvey Summers at Broadoak Studios.
All compositions by Cathy Williams & Geoff leigh.
Produced by Cathy & Geoff
Hardworld Label

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