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Mike Keneally - Scambot 2 - Signed Limited Edition (double cd)

17 years in the making, this signed and numbered limited edition of 2000 copies only features two distinct albums, the surprisingly melodic Scambot 2 and the more experimental Inkling.

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins - Sluggo! - Super Deluxe (2cd/2dvd)

MK's typically irreverent and inventive 1997 release Sluggo! gets the Super Deluxe 2cd/2dvd/extensive liner note/signed and numbered treatment.

Limited to 1000 copies globally.

Out of stock.

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins - Sluggo! - Deluxe (cd/2dvd)

The Deluxe version of MK's 1997 release Sluggo!.

Keneally + Metropole Orkest - The Universe Will Provide (cd)

Released in 2004, The Universe Will Provide is Mike's stunningly beautiful initial foray into orchestral composition.

Mike Keneally Band - Dog - Standard Edition (cd)

Released in 2004, Dog features MK's heaviest, thickest array of sounds and contains eleven supremely melodic and emotionally resonant songs.

Mike Keneally - Nonkertompf (cd)

Mike's seventh album is a very personal instrumental effort featuring MK playing everything, including guitars, keyboards, drums, sax, a stool and about a dozen other devices.

Mike Keneally - hat - Standard Edition (Expanded & Remastered) (cd)

Out of print for years, 'hat' has been remastered and music previously cut to fit a 1992 CD has now been restored.

MK's debut as it should have been heard.

Mike Keneally Band - Bakin At The Potato (cd/dvd)

Live favourites are mixed delectably with seldom-played gems from Mike's catalogue to create a truly astonishing DVD/CD set from 2010.

Out of stock.

Mike Keneally / Marco Minnemann - Evidence of Humanity (cd/dvd)

On the CD - two of the world's foremost musicians improvising together, but not at the same time.

On the DVD - two of the world's foremost musicians improvising together in real time (together!).

An exciting collaboration between the two kindred musical spirits.

Out of stock.

Mike Keneally - Wing Beat Elastic: Remixes, Demos & Unheard Music (cd)

A fascinating addition to the Wing Beat Fantastic universe.

Mike Keneally - Wooden Smoke (cd)

Mike Keneally's tenth album - from 2001 - contains some of his most elegantly adventurous and soulful music presented in a largely acoustic soundscape.

Mike Keneally Band - Guitar Therapy Live - Standard Edition (cd)

Released in 2006, Guitar Therapy chronicles the live adventures of MK's dream version of his band on the road in 2005.

Mike Keneally - Boil That Dust Speck - Standard Edition (cd)

A 2007 remaster of MK's dark masterpiece from 1994.

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins - Dancing (cd)

On his eighth album from 2000, Dancing, MK invited Beer For Dolphins, his masterful eight-piece band, into the studio to lay down nearly 80 minutes of gleefully adventurous, yet heartfelt, Keneally music

Mike Keneally - Scambot 1 - Standard Edition (cd)

The first part of MK's astonishingly ambitious Scambot releases.

Out of stock.

Mike Keneally - Wine and Pickles - Studio Recordings 1998-2006 (cd)

A collection of unreleased things, rarities and all sorts recorded between 1998-2006.

Mike Keneally - You Must Be This Tall (cd)

Mike Keneally's action-packed and thrill-a-minute 24th solo release - featuring Andy Partridge, Bryan Beller and others - exhibits imagination and ability aplenty

Mike Keneally - Wing Beat Fantastic: Songs written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge (cd)

Wing Beat Fantastic was the highly anticipated result of a songwriting union between famed rock experimentalist Keneally and legendary XTC tunesmith Andy Partridge.

Released in 2012, more than any other Keneally album, Wing Beat Fantastic has an emotional resonance that engages the heart as effectively as it does the mind.



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