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Mick Karn

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Mick Karn - The Concrete Twin (cd)

2016 Kscope label digipak CD edition of the final (2009) solo album from Mick Karn.

Originally released on his own MK Music label, The Concrete Twin showcases a more organic sound than exhibited on Karn's previous work. Assisted only by drummer Pete Lockett, Karn plays all other instruments on the album, including, for the first time since the early 1980s, the ocarina.

A densely complex, but richly rewarding album that touches on Jazz, Drum'n'Bass and Ambient styles.


1. Ashamed To Be A Part Of Them [6:13]
2. Presence [4:44]
3. T.V. Woo [5:22]
4. Confabulation [6:47]
5. Yes, I've Been To France [5:34]
6. Tender Poison [4:57]
7. Purple Attachment [6:07]
8. Vote For Lies [4:03]
9. J.B. Meknee [4:22]
10. Antisocial Again? [3:20]



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