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Mick Karn

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Mick Karn - More Better Different (cd)

Kscope label digipak CD edition of the sixth solo album from Mick Karn (originally released on the Invisible Hands label in 2004).

More Better Different sees Karn utilising guitars, clarinet, samples and spoken word in nine mood pieces, which swing from the winningly funky The Jump to the cinematic noodling of The End Gag to the wah guitar and 80's sci-fi soundtrack stylings of Atyan B-Boot.


1. The Jump (4:19)
2. Atyan B-Boot (4:39)
3. It's His Birthday This Year (5:53)
4. Never Thought (5:50)
5. The Show (5:52)
6. The End Gag (3:34)
7. Wishy-Washy Wishing (5:23)
8. Pulsating Puddles (4:10)
9. Great Day In The Morning (4:33)



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