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Dalis Car - Artemis Rise (mp3 download)

Mick Karn, who tragically succumbed to cancer in January of this year, would have been 53 on July 24th, 2011.

To coincide with Mick's birthday, as a treat for fans, a taster for Mick's last completed project (a new Dali's Car EP) is being offered as a download.

Artemis Rise is a re-working of an instrumental from the band's debut album and features new vocal and lyrical contributions from Peter Murphy, as well as additional instrumentation from Steve Jansen, Jakko M Jakszyk and others.

A superb reunion with Peter Murphy, the forthcoming EP, In Glad Aloneness, continues the intense and exotic experiments of the band's cult classic from 1984, The Waking Hour.

All profits will be donated to Mick's son and wife.

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