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jakko m. jakszyk - kingdom of dust (mp3 download)

Dating from 1994, Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow).

For this special download edition of the mini-album an extra track, Fly, has been added.

All proceeds will be donated to the Mick Karn Appeal.

'Literate adult pop with more than a sprinkle of luscious art-rock atmosphere.' Misfit City

'For my pal Mick.' - Jakko

Stefano Panunzi - A Rose (cd)

Fjieri member Stefano Pununzi's second solo album from 2009 was a sublime mixture of exotic ballads, rich textures and Art Rock adventurism.

Features Mick Karn, Tim Bowness, Thomas Leer, Giancarlo Erra, Robbie Aceto, Sandra O'Neil, Theo Travis and Markus Reuter.

yoshihiro hanno / mick karn - liquid glass (cd)

Liquid Glass is the superb outcome of Mick Karn's collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Yoshihiro Hanno. Snaky and innovative drum'n'bass rhythms collide with a rich and atmospheric sound palette to produce one of the most unique albums in Mick's distinguished catalogue.

jansen / barbieri / karn - seed (cd)

A special-priced mini album containing a reworking of the landmark Jansen, Barbieri, Karn track 'Beginning To Melt'. Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson contributes guitar to 'Prey'.

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jansen barbieri karn - beginning to melt (cd)

A compilation of collaborative works intended as the first in a possible series of writing collaborations.

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jansen / barbieri / karn - playing in a room with people (cd)

A live album recorded in London and Tokyo that covers material from the trio's back catalogues. Two completely new tracks are included here, one being a live solo performance by Barbieri. Featured musicians are Steven Wilson, Theo Travis and Natacha Atlas.

Out of stock.

jansen / barbieri / karn - ism (cd)

The first album to feature the ex Japan trio working as a unit. Weird
textures, twisted rhythms and strange instrumentation dominate this album. Features Zoe Niblett, David Torn, Aziz Ibrahim and Theo Travis.

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no-man - heaven taste (cd)

Originally issued in 1995, 'Heaven Taste' comprises a selection of b-sides, rarities and outtakes recorded in the band's home studio between 1991-93. Focusing on the more filmic and atmospheric aspects of the band's output, the album boasts a rich and seamless fusion of Ambient, ECM jazz and electro- trance influences.

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