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Michael Peters

Michael Peters is a German guitarist and composer who often uses livelooping in his solo work. His popular ambient album 'Stretched Landscape #1' and his experimental sound diary album 'MY2K', containing 366 sound miniatures, both received critical acclaim from the renowned WIRE magazine.

The store sells several other solo CDs and mp3 downloads of Michael's music, as well as his first released guitar / livelooping music, on the 1984 album from the band 'Camera Obscura'. Some of his ambient synthesizer music from the same time (some of it including livelooping) is available for download.

More information, extensive samples, and videos available from www.michaelpeters.de

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michael peters - stretched landscape #1 (cdr)

A continuous suite of processed piano and textures, German composer Michael Peters (primarily, a guitarist) has produced a beguiling work worthy of comparison with the best of Brian Eno's Ambient output. Evocative, emotional and chilled.




composed, performed, produced and mixed by michael peters

piano recorded in peter wetzler's church in kingston, ny
bowed guitar, various field recordings, and digital treatments done at home in kuerten, germany

thanks to: bernhard wostheinrich, markus reuter, peter wetzler, rasmus ekman



all rights reserved. made in the EEC.

photography by michael peters

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