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Matt Stevens

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The Fierce And The Dead - If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe (cd)

A 2016 edition of the highly regarded 2011 debut album by The Fierce And The Dead.

Remastered with five bonus tracks, the album is presented in a six panel digipak with all new imagery by celebrated artist Mark Buckingham.

The wonderful first flowering of The Fierce And The Dead's signature Post / Progressive and wholly instrumental Rock sound.


1. Flint
2. Part 2
3. The Wait
4. H.R.
5. Hotel No.6
6. Landcrab
7. Daddies Little Helper
8. Woodchip
9. 10 x 10
10. Andy Fox
11. Foreign Languages
12. Andy Fox (live at Kingsway College)
13. Part 2 (Take 1 board mix)
14. Landcrab (Take 5 board mix)
15. Andy Fox (Suitcase Remix)


Matt Stevens - Guitars, piano, fx & percussion
Kevin Feazey - Bass, guitars, fx, programming & percussion
Stuart Marshall - Drums & percussion

Steve Cleaton - Guitar on track 12
Terry Edwards - Saxophone on tracks 7, 10 & 15



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