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Matt Stevens

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Matt Stevens - Relic (CD)

Matt Stevens' third album Relic is a tougher sounding release than his previous albums.

With its inventive combination of post-rock, math rock, nu-metal, electronica, jazz and folk influences, the album might just be his finest achievement to date.

'Matt Stevens is one of the most talented, poignant guitarists on the current scene' - Bobetbagundang

'His two past full-lengths have resulted in a significant online following, who are bound to swoon over his third album, Relic. Stevens' technical skills are breathtaking, but it's his songwriting and infusion of various genres that separates him from other guitar-based instrumentalists.' - Obscure Sounds.com

'A heady mix of post-rock, math rock, nu-metal, electronica, new age, space rock, jazz and some folk rock.' - Prog Archives

'A work of beauty and genius, which is why I'd strongly encourage you to listen to the whole bloody thing.' - Beardrock.com

'A faultless record.' - AAA Music

'Matt's growth and development as a musician are in evidence on this beautiful and well judged recording, which is, for my money, his best release yet.' - OliverArditti.com

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1. Nightbus
2. Relic
3. Rusty
4. 20 GOTO 10
5. Rushden Fair
6. Up
7. Scapegoat
8. Sand (Part 2)
9. Frost
10. 30 END


Guitars/Mellotron/Keyboards/Bass - Matt Stevens
Bass/Programming/Keyboards - Kevin Feazey
Chrissie Caulfield - Violin
Drums - Stuart Marshall

Photography - Paul Mockford

Produced by Kevin Feazey
Arrangements by Matt Stevens



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