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Matt Stevens

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Matt Stevens - Ghost (CD)

Matt Stevens's all-instrumental 2010 outing is a strong collection of material skirting the edges of Progressive and Post Rock, ECM Jazz and Classical guitar styles.

'Ghost is a phenomenal piece of work that has already garnered countless frothing plaudits within the online prog and post-rock firmament. Wholly instrumental and insanely inventive...an internet phenomena in the making.' - Classic Rock Presents Prog

'A quirky, inventive and entirely delightful instrumental album...While the music occupies its own creative zone, I found myself free associating names such as Brian Eno, John Martyn, Tom Verlaine, Anthony Phillips, Yo La Tengo, Steve Tibbetts, and even Radiohead.' - Guitar Player Magazine US

'This is a unique album coming from a unique musician and one I would seriously implore anyone to experience it.' - Music Mafia UK

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1. Into The Sea
2. Big Sky
3. Eleven
4. Draw
5. Burnt Out Car
6. Lake Man
7. Glide
8. 8.19
9. Ghost
10. Moondial


Guitars/Mellotron/Kaossilator/Bass - Matt Stevens
Bass/Programming - Kevin Feazey
Drums - Stuart Marshall

Produced by Kevin Feazey



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