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Marvin Ayres - Circadian Rhythms (cd)

As with his previous work, electric violinist / cellist Marvin Ayres' 2016 release offers a beautiful and hypnotic fusion of Minimalist Classical sensibilities and Ambient sound processes.

Operating in the space between the spiritual serenity of Gorecki and Part and the electronic meditations of Brian Eno, Circadian Rhythms is a work of seductive intensity.

Out of stock.

Marvin Ayres - Harmogram Suite (CD + 5.1 surround sound DVD)

Marvin Ayres' Harmogram Suite is a six movement composition for cello, string orchestra and choir.

An accessible and compelling hybrid of contemporary Classical and Ambient music, Ayres' work distinctively evokes the Holy Minimalist purity of Arvo Part and the timeless textural experimentation of Brian Eno.

A two-disc cd/dvd package, the dvd features a 5.1 surround-sound mix.

Marvin Ayres - The Harmogram Suite t-shirt

Live the dream and have your own Marvin Ayres 'Harmogram Suite' premium black t-shirt. Designed by Carl Glover this features a white front print.

Very limited stock

**Initial orders include a free gift of either a Marvin Ayres badge or lighter.**

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marvin ayres - eccentric deliquescence (cd)

Combining elements of contemporary Ambient and Electronica with the influence of Holy Minimalist composers such as Part and Gorecki, over the last decade experimental cellist/violinist Marvin Ayres has created a unique and consistently strong body of work.

Ethereal strings, electronic treatments and meditative piano figures drift across Eccentric Deliquescence's haunted Soundscapes, producing another striking addition to Ayres's impressive catalogue.

"...like some of (Brian) Eno's best work, the atmospheres Ayres creates can comfortably blend into the sonic backdrop, they are also compelling pieces of music that can dominate and transport." All About Jazz

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marvin ayres - neptune (enhanced cd)

'Neptune' is the graceful and intriguing follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'Cellosphere' and is available exclusively via Burning Shed as an enhanced CD including two films (a promo feature for the track 'Under Blue' and some live footage of Marvin's performance at the Camden Remix accompanied by a film made especially for 'Neptune').

"An awesome piece of music and a great follow up to 'Cellosphere'." - DJ
"warrants an in depth investigation" - Future Music

marvin ayres - cycle (cd)

Marvin Ayres' experimental and evocative soundtrack for the acclaimed DVD film Cycle. Cycle has been screened at several renowned international film festivals and galleries, including Whitechapel Art Gallery, Leeds International Film Festival and London's prestigious ICA.

The CD is housed in a full colour card pochette.

marvin ayres - scape (cd)

Fusing orthodox and off-kilter beats with city-scape cacophony, yet
remaining defiantly ambient in its approach, Scape is a hybrid of music
specifically developed for the DVD film 'Scape' and Marvin Ayres unique take on the art of the remix.

This CD is housed in a full colour card pochette.

marvin ayres - cellosphere (cd)

Originally released on Mille Plateaux's 'classical' imprint Ritornell to great critical acclaim in 1999, Marvin Ayres' 'Cellosphere' is a beautiful and hypnotic fusion of Minimalist sensibilities and unique Ambient sound processes.

'stimulating' The Wire
'heady serenity' DJ
'thoroughly engaging' Foundsound

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