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tuner - pole (european edition) (cd)

'Pole' is an innovative modern rock album, best described as an amalgamation of the styles and sounds of Tool, Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails, and the daring attitude and scope of contemporary art. Tuner consists of drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, KTU) and German touch guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Markus Reuter (Centrozoon).

The 15 songs often employ evolving rather than repetitive structures and feature remarkable performances by all the musicians involved. The album's undoubted instrumental strenghts are augmented by a stunning selection of vocal contributions by the likes of the Austrian artist SiRenée, Peter Kingsbery, and Chrysta Bell (who sings in the current David Lynch movie, Inland Empire).

'Pole' was produced in the USA and Germany by Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter, in collaboration with German hit record producer Fabio Trentini.

'Pole' was listed as one of 50 all-time Prog Classics in Modern Drummer magazine.

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1 white cake sky 3.09
2 black well monotony 5.08
3 11-11 10.42
4 pole 6.03
5 gate 9 2.30
6 stalker 4.14
7 so high 0.43
8 dig 4.07
9 down below 1.49
10 repulsive and delicious 5.08
11 creatures 1.16
12 pencilhead 4.23
13 arson dandy 3.21
14 URIM 6.40
15 to crush a sweet peach 3.12


pat mastelotto / drums, percussion, treated baby grand piano, spoken word
markus reuter / touch guitars, acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass guitar, grand piano, keyboards, vox

sirenée / vox on URIM, black well monotony, repulsive and delicious, arson dandy, pole, stalker, dig, creatures
peter kingsbery / vox on white cake sky, pole, pencilhead
chrysta bell / vox on gate 9
lisa fletcher / vox on so high and down below
pamelia kurstin / theremin on 11-11 and arson dandy
laura scarborough / vibraphone, melodica, wind organ on 11-11, gate 9, pencilhead
roberto riggio / violins on pole, repulsive and delicious, pencilhead
deborah carter / ?following? vox on stalker
kristoffer g. rygg / single growl on white cake sky


This special European edition comes with the bonus track "To Crush A Sweet Peach", that is unavailable elsewhere. The CD comes in a Super Jewel Box and with a 4-page booklet.



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