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Markus Reuter - Kopfmensch (CD)

A compilation of music by Markus Reuter compiled for the 2011 "Two of a Perfect Trio" US tour featuring the Adrian Belew Power Trio and Tony Levin's Stick Men (including Markus Reuter).

'Kopfmensch' features 16 tracks from more than a dozen different projects/bands/albums and includes unreleased tracks as well as alternative versions and many new mixes.

Limited edition.


1. Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy - History 03:54
2. Stick Men - Absalom 04:38
3. centrozoon feat. tim bowness - Make Me Forget 04:57
4. Europa String Choir - Lemon Crash 02:22
5. Tim Motzer & Markus Reuter - 1200 Sundays 03:21
6. blld (05ric & Markus Reuter) - OHM 04:40
7. Markus Reuter & IB Big Band - Mariola (Live) 06:44
8. Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy - Dervish 03:55
9. TUNER - Swansong 02:34
10. centrozoon - Mauls Of Reclining 03:16
11. TUNER - 11 11 10:42
12. Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - Reception 03:02
13. TUNER - Flinch 03:31
14. This Fragile Moment - Stones 05:18
15. Adrian Benavides - Same Time Next Life 05:10
16. Markus Reuter - Beat 05:36


Produced by Markus Reuter, Adrian Benavides, & Lee Fletcher for http://www.unsung-productions.com


1 History
(written by Markus Reuter / from the album 'Pure' by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy, 2003)

The version presented here is Markus' original demo without any of Ian's parts. Instead mixing engineer/producer Adrian Benavides programmed new drums for this based on Markus' original beat.

Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars, vox
Adrian Benavides: Additional drum programming

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides & Markus Reuter

2 Absalom
(written by Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto / from the EP 'Absalom' by Stick Men, 2011)

This piece was composed in late 2010/early 2011 and is based on an Stick part by Tony Levin. It was released on the Stick Men EP 'Absalom' that was the first Stick Men release with Markus after Michael Bernier had left the band.

Tony Levin: Chapman Stick
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars
Pat Mastelotto: Traps & Buttons

Alternative mix by Adrian Benavides

3 Make Me Forget
(written by Markus Reuter, Bernhard W√?¬∂stheinrich,Tim Bowness / from the album 'Never Trust The Way You Are' by centrozoon, 2004)

This track's composition is based on a harmonic idea by Markus Reuter which was then fleshed out by the band. This is the third studio version of the song that's seeing the light of day.

Bernhard W√?¬∂stheinrich: Synths
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, Programming
Tim Bowness: Voice

New mix and new drum programming 2011 by Adrian Benavides

4 Lemon Crash
(written by Markus Reuter / from the album 'Lemon Crash' by Europa String Choir, 2000)

Markus had written this track for his local band 'Zeitholz' in the mid-90s. It was then arranged for the Europa String Choir for inclusion in their concerts and the 'Lemon Crash' album. The original name of the piece is 'Fallstrick'.

Cathy Stevens: Violectra
Alessandro Bruno: Electric Guitar
Udo Dzierzanowski: Electric Guitar
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides and Markus Reuter

5 1200 Sundays
(written by Markus Reuter, Tim Motzer / from the album 'Descending' by Tim Motzer and Markus Reuter, 2010)

Based on an improv by Tim and Markus, with Markus looping both himself and Tim, and then overdubbed by Pat Mastelotto, BJ Cole and Theo Travis. This version is a slight remix by Markus.

Tim Motzer: Baritone Guitar, electronics
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, electronics
Pat Mastelotto: Traps & Buttons
BJ Cole: Pedal steel guitar
Theo Travis: Flute
Doug Hirlinger: Cymbals

(written by Ric Byer & Markus Reuter / from the mini-album 'Materia Prima by blld, 2009)

This is an alternative mix of a piece on 'Materia Prima' by blld (prounounced "build"). 05ric centered his parts of the composition around bass and guitar parts by Markus as well as a drum loop by Gavin Harrison. This was released in 2009.

Ric Byer: Touch Guitars, drums
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars
Gavin Harrison: Drum loop

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides

7 Mariola
(written by Markus Reuter / previously unreleased version)

This piece was written by Markus in the late 90s and first performed by Europa String Choir. This live rendition by a "big band" was recorded at the IB Expo event/concert in October 2006. There's also a version that was re-worked for Judy Dyble on the CD version of 'Kopfmensch' that is set for official release in 2012.

Bj√?¬∂rn J:son Lindh: Flute
Klas Assarsson: Vibraphone & Marimba
Jonas Christophs: Guitar
Fredrik Johansson: Bass
Mats Johansson: Keyboards
Kjell Severinsson: Drums
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
Christian Saggese: Classical Guitar
Luca Calabrese: Trumpet
Linnea Olsson: Cello
Franco Feruglio: Double Bass

Live mix by Jan Severinsson
Recorded to 2-track stereo

8 Dervish
(written by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy / from the album 'Dervish' by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy, 2009)

This is the title track of the 'Dervish' album which was released in 2009. It's slightly edited and a new mix was made by Adrian Benavides. All pieces on the album are based on symmetrical scales and this one is using the most simple symmetrical scale, the wholetone scale.

Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars
Ian Boddy: Synths, drum programming
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic drums
Quohren Quartet: String Quartet

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides

9 Swansong
(written by Markus Reuter, Lee Fletcher, Lisa Fletcher / from the album 'POLE' by TUNER, 2007)

This piece is presenting the POLE theme in its entirety, played on grand piano (by Markus). Lee and Lisa Fletcher composed this charming song around the theme. This piece was split into two parts for the album release and is first presented in full glory and under its original title 'Swansong'.

Markus Reuter: Grand Piano
Lisa Fletcher: Vocals

Mixed by Lee Fletcher

10 Mauls Of Reclining
(written by Markus Reuter, Tobias Reber, Bernhard W√?¬∂stheinrich / from the album 'Boner' by centrozoon, 2011)

Tobias Reber: Electronics
Bernhard W√?¬∂stheinrich: Electronics
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, electronics

Mixed by Adrian Benavides

11 11 11
(written by Markus Reuter & Pat Mastelotto / from the album 'POLE' by TUNER, 2007)

11 11 is a complex variation on the POLE theme. A free download of this piece was offered in 2006 and it was downloaded over 10.000 times back then, which was a big success.

Pat Mastelotto: Traps & Buttons, Voice
Pamelia Kurstin: Theremin
Laura Scarborough: Vibraphone
Markus Reuter: everything else

Mixed by Fabio Trentini

12 Reception
(written by Markus Reuter & Robert Rich / from the album 'Eleven Questions' by Markus Reuter & Robert Rich, 2006)

Markus considers this to be one of his major collaborative works. Despite Robert's long history and big fan-base, the album was a big flop and hardly sold any copies.

Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars, grand piano, percussion
Robert Rich: Sound design, lap steel guitar
Ren√?¬©e Stieger-Reuter: Mouth percussion samples

Mixed by Robert Rich
Produced by Robert Rich and Markus Reuter

13 Flinch
(written by Markus Reuter & Pat Mastelotto / from the album 'TOTEM' by TUNER, 2005)

This piece is what made the public think of TUNER as a laptop-electronica duo.

Pat Mastelotto: Traps & Buttons
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar & everything else

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides

14 Stones
(written by Willcox, J√?¬ľrjendal, Reuter, Wong, Urb / from the album 'This Fragile Moment' by Willcox, Urb, J√?¬ľrjendal, Wong, Reuter, 2009)

This track was fully improvised live in the studio in Tallinn, Estonia.

Toyah Willcox: Voice
Chris Wong: Bass
Arvo Urb: Drums
Robert J√?¬ľrjendal: Guitar
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars

New mix 2011 by Adrian Benavides

15 Same Time Next Life
(written by Adrian Benavides & Markus Reuter / from the album 'Same Time Next Life' by Adrian Benavides, 2011)

Written by Adrian Benavides and Markus Reuter

Eoghan McCloskey: Drums
Adrian Benavides: Bass & Guitars
Annette Benavides: Violin
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, soundscapes, string arrangement
Mixed by Adrian Benavides

16 Beat
(written by Markus Reuter / from the album 'Trepanation' by Markus Reuter, 2006)

This rhythmic ambient piece is all guitar, but mangled in a very profound way. The version presented here is slightly different from the album version and also shortened.

Markus Reuter: Touch Guitar, processing



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