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Stick Men - Absalom (cd)

Stick Men's 2011 mini-album Absalom sees the peerless King Crimson rhythm section of Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto creating a unique brand of power trio music with Touch Guitar virtuoso, Markus Reuter (Centrozoon etc).

Sonar - A Flaw Of Nature (cd)

Zurich based SONAR stands for Sonic Architecture and was formed by Stephan Thelen, one of
the first generation groove-minimalists in Switzerland, and a former pupil of Robert Fripp.

The group, completed by Bernard Wagner on guitar, Christian Kuntner on electric bass guitar and drummer Manuel Pasquinelli, create an adventurous music and take influences from King Crimson and Steve Reich.

"With the guitars and bass tuned in tritones, there's a semi-dissonant, challenging quality to the
constellations of plucked harmonics that chime in orbit around each other." - Sid Smith

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Shas Feckel - Greatest Hits (cd)

Sha's Feckel's Greatest Hits recorded Live at Kaufleuten, Switzerland in 2011.

"Raw, incisive and uncompromising, the tightly arranged pieces occasionally evoke the angular rifferama of Van der Graaf Generator, or the pointillist math-rock rigour of Battles. Underpinned by the insistent pulse of Lionel Gafner's bass and Kaspar Rasta's propulsive drumming, Sha's Feckel create a bold, fast-moving high-octane hybrid that's part-jazz, part-prog and part something else altogether." Sid Smith

centrozoon - Boner (Marziano Fontana Version) (cd)

With Tobias Reber joining the classic line up of Bernhard Woestheinrich and Markus Reuter in 2008, Boner is centrozoon's first studio release with the second trio configuration in the band's 20 year history.

While the first trio (featured on 2004's Never Trust The Way You Are), with No-Man singer Tim Bowness, showcased the group's unique compositional approach in an electronica/pop context, Boner goes to another extreme and delivers instrumental music of a radical and challenging kind.

Available in two versions, this is the Marziano Fontana mix/sequence.

centrozoon - Boner (Adrian Benavides Version) (cd)

With Tobias Reber joining the classic line up of Bernhard Woestheinrich and Markus Reuter in 2008, Boner is centrozoon's first studio release with the second trio configuration in the band's 20 year history.

While the first trio (featured on 2004's Never Trust The Way You Are), with No-Man singer Tim Bowness, showcased the group's unique compositional approach in an electronica/pop context, Boner goes to another extreme and delivers instrumental music of a radical and challenging kind.

Available in two versions, this is the Adrian Benavides mix/sequence.

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Nik Bartschs Ronin - Randoori (cd)

The 2002 debut CD from Nik Bartsch's zen-funk masterclass, Ronin.

The first in the Ritual Groove Music series.

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Nik Bartschs Ronin - Rea (cd)

Nik Bartsch's Zurich-based zen-funk quintet Ronin, founded in 2001, have created one of the most innovative sounds in recent Jazz history.

Acquiring a maximal effect with minimal means, Ronin's idiosyncratic sound incorporates elements of Minimalism, funk and art rock, evoking a spacious Jazz-inflected Steve Reich, Discipline-era King Crimson influenced music.

Rea is the band's 2004 release and the fifth in its Ritual Groove series.

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Quartet For The End Of Time  - Modus Novus (cd)

Quartet for the End of Time is made up of four virtuoso guitarists, Mart Soo, Slow Electric's Robert Jurjendal, Tanis Leemets and Centrozoon's Markus Reuter.

Playing an intriguing semi-improvised minimalist music entirely based on symmetrical scales, 'Modus Novus' is the quartet's first release and was recorded live in Tallinn in December 2010.

Zweiton - Form (cd)

Mixed and produced by Adrian b=Benavides and Markus Reuter, Zweiton's first release Form is entirely performed on drums and touch guitars.

This rhythmic and energetic instrumental album, the brainchild of Alex Dowerk, draws it's influences from acts as diverse as Meshuggah, Nik Bartsch and Trey Gunn.

Adrian Benavides - Same Time Next Life (cd)

Same Time Next Life is Adrian Benavides' powerful solo debut.

Written and produced in collaboration with Markus Reuter, this highly personal and emotional album has echoes of King Crimon, Tool and Sylvian/Fripp's The First Day.

Monumental drums and crashing guitars meet experimental soundscapes and mourning lyrics.

Features King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto on drums and percussion and striking cover artwork by Ramiro Rodriguez and Bernhard Woestheinrich.

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Markus Reuter - Kopfmensch (CD)

A compilation of music by Markus Reuter compiled for the 2011 "Two of a Perfect Trio" US tour featuring the Adrian Belew Power Trio and Tony Levin's Stick Men (including Markus Reuter).

'Kopfmensch' features 16 tracks from more than a dozen different projects/bands/albums and includes unreleased tracks as well as alternative versions and many new mixes.

Limited edition.

Moonbound - Peak Of Eternal Light (CD)

Hooky 80s influenced pop-rock with Progressive influences and contemporary production values, Peak Of Eternal Light is Fabio Trentini's inspired collection of timeless pop/rock-songs.

Features Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC), Dave Gregory (XTC, Peter Gabriel), and many more.

Co-produced by Trentini, Markus Reuter & Pat Mastelotto.

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Syntony - Scavenger (CD)

This live recording is a documentation of Syntony's second meeting.

Although improvised freely, the pieces sound more compositional in nature, combining aspects of contemporary jazz and prog-electronica and everything inbetween.

Beautiful and furious.

Markus Reuter - Todmorden 513 (CD)

Markus Reuter's orchestral experiment.

"Employing violins, viola, cello, guitars, organ, glockenspiel, synthesisers and electronics, these instruments mesh together, in ensembles of varying size, creating a kind of gauzy web through which development takes place. Texturally its often like those wispy moments in the orchestral music of Debussy or Messiaen, combined with the tolling crawl of Feldman's Coptic Light, but proceeding to its own rules. This is a truly stunning piece of music." - Joshua Meggitt

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Tobias Reber - Backup Aura (CD)

Backup Aura, Tobias Reber's debut solo release is a fascinating investigation into the organic interplay of human instinct and technology.


Comprising highlights from its 2005 summer tour of Europe, ZWAR is the fourth release by TUNER, the extraordinary duo of Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, KTU, etc) and touch guitarist, Markus Reuter.

This Fragile Moment (featuring Toyah) - This Fragile Moment (cd)

The self-titled debut from This Fragile Moment is an adventurous and uncompromising offering fronted by the ever-charismatic Toyah Willcox and also featuring Chris Wong (The Humans), Robert Jürjendal (Slow Electric) and Markus Reuter.

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blld - materia prima (cd)

Materia Prima is the debut recording by ?blld?, a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Ric Byer/ 05ric on drums, extended range bass and vocals, and Touch Guitarist / producer Markus Reuter. Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison also contributes to one track.

A dynamic fusion of ethereal atmospherics and frantic drumscapes.

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tuner - totem (definitive edition) (cd)

Re-Release of the 2005 debut album by TUNER, completely remastered and with newly mixed versions of two tracks.

tuner - pole (european edition) (cd)

'Pole' is an innovative modern rock album, best described as an amalgamation of the styles and sounds of Tool, Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails, and the daring attitude and scope of contemporary art. Tuner consists of drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, KTU) and German touch guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Markus Reuter (Centrozoon).

'Pole' was listed as one of 50 all-time Prog Classics in Modern Drummer magazine.

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markus reuter / robert rich - eleven questions (cd)

This international collaboration was conceived, composed and recorded in one intense week at Robert Rich?s Soundscape studio in California.

Robert Rich is arguably America's most highly regarded ambient musician and composer. With a discography spanning over 20 years, he is widely regarded as a figure whose sound has greatly influenced today?s ambient, new age, and even IDM music. Touch Guritarist Markus Reuter is known for his adventurous work with Centrozoon and Tuner.

[ramp] and markus reuter - ceasing to exist (cd)

A collaboration between Ambient duo [´ramp] and Centrozoon/Tuner touch-guitarist Markus Reuter, Ceasing To Exist effortlessly combines crafted electronic dronescapes with imaginative loop-laden textural improvisations .

markus reuter - trepanation (cd)

Trepanation is Markus Reuter?s first release with US electronica label Lotuspike, and is a typically inventive example of his unique compositional style and instrumental dexterity.

Trepanation shimmers with complex layers and contrasts, combining soft atmospheres and pulsing rhythmic guitar textures.

DiN - index02 label sampler (cd)

Featuring a continuous mix of music especially compiled by DiN founder Ian Boddy, this is the second DiN sampler album and is a successor to the disc included with the June 2001 issue of The Wire.

A low-price introduction containing 78 minutes of atmospheric and pulsing Electronica from the likes of Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy, the CD is presented in a beautifully designed cardboard wallet.

Out of stock.

reuter / boddy - pure (cd)

Arguably the UK?s leading independent electronic music maestro Ian Boddy has teamed up once again with German touch guitarist, Markus Reuter to create a stunning new album called Pure.
Although Boddy and Reuter have collaborated in concert (at Jodrell Bank in 1999 and the E-Live Festival in Eindhoven 2000), Pure represents their second proper studio outing since their impressive 1999 debut, Distant Rituals.

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boddy / reuter / mullaney - triptych (cd)

Boddy, Reuter and Mullaney offer a seamless blend of improvisation and composition in this latest disc taken from their appearance at the E-Live 2000 Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Out of stock.

ian boddy / markus reuter - distant rituals (cd)

Markus Reuter is a member of the eclectic Europa String Choir and Centrozoon. Playing 8 string touch guitar Reuter bends notes and blends tones with Ian Boddy's sublime atmospherics. Watch the goose bumps rise as dense dark cloudscapes give way to luminous bliss in this fascinating collaboration.

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markus reuter - the longest in terms of being (cd)

Occupying a distinctive space between Robert Fripp's recent Soundscapes experiments, Brian Eno's 'Space Jazz' and Cluster's pioneering 70's electronica, German Touch Guitarist and improv loopist Markus Reuter (also a member of Centrozoon and Europa String Choir) should appeal to many fans of challenging contemporary Ambient.

markus reuter - digitalis (cd)

Digitalis is an introduction to the unique sounds of Markus Reuter, who performs real-time compositions on the Warr Guitar, a tap-style 8-stringed instrument which is played less like a true "guitar" and more like a Chapman Stick. Reuter is also known for his work with Ian Boddy and the Europa String Choir. As a member of Centrozoon, he has recently collaborated with Tim Bowness.



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