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Nick Beggs - The Darkness In Mens Hearts (cd)

Topped and tailed with two new pieces, Nick Beggs's Burning Shed label debut is a compilation of the solo Chapman Stick pieces from his two albums, The Stick Insect (2000) and The Maverick Helmsman (2004).

Containing superbly executed lyrical and atmospheric sketches that by turns suggest Modern Jazz (Metheny, Pastorious), Art Rock (Tony Levin), Ambient, and Classical guitar recitals, The Darkness In Men's Hearts is a consistently engaging and meditative experience that displays the more introspective side of a most extrovert performer.

With Nick currently enjoying success with both Lifesigns and the Steven Wilson band, The Darkness In Men's Hearts provides an ideal opportunity to sample the work of one of Britain's most distinctive bass players.


1. The darkness in men's hearts
2. All the things you are
3. My joy
4. The meaning of everything
5. Downstream
6. Tava
7. The maverick helmsman
8. So far away
9. Willow
10. Kumara
11. The vigil
12. After the wave

Please note that this is track is not on the album and is intended by Nick to demonstrate the style of his Stick instrumental work.


Chapman Stick performances by Nick Beggs

Additional mastering: Jakko Jakszyk

Cover photograph: Juergen Spachmann.



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