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roger eno - fragile (music) (cd)

Roger Eno's 2004 release Fragile (Music) was his first album for four years and was perhaps the most uncompromising, personal and starkly beautiful of his career.

Comprising a series of haunting and spacious computer manipulated piano pieces, the quietly intense compositions were the positive and cathartic outcome of the creative chronicling of a period of depression that blighted the composer's life during the early part of the 2000s.

With echoes of the cool Minimalism of Erik Satie and Harold Budd, Fragile (Music) represented a supremely consistent and moving statement.


1. somewhere else
2. lines and points
3. fragile (music)
4. abbreviation
5. falling apart
6. distance
7. around the corner
8. pendulum
9. in pieces
10. still
11. paper thin
12. reflection
13. Angling


music written and recorded by roger eno in 'the clerestory' during a dreadful period in 2003.

with thanks to those who put up with me.
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