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Darkroom - Some Of These Numbers Mean Something (cd)

Darkroom's latest album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something - their 8th to date -marks the 10th anniversary of debut release, Daylight.

The original brief for the new album was, 'place guitar under microscope'. In places, it's the hardest hitting Darkroom album to date, but without doubt it's also the most accessible, combining 70's space rock, 80's Sheffield electronica, 60's guitar instrumentals and contemporary post rock.

Mixing classic synthesizer & guitar tones with inventive post-production, the album combines improvisation with carefully crafted and layered arrangements to reward repeated listenings.

From Santana & Tangerine Dream to Cocteau Twins & Tortoise, file under ambient stadium rock.

The album was mastered by award-winning engineer Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin) and features a typically evocative Carl Glover sleeve.


1. The Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes (5:57)
2. Some Of These Numbers Mean Something (6:17)
3. My Sunsets Are All One-Sided (6:43)
4. Mercury Shuffle (4:12)
5. No Candy No Can Do (4:17)
6. Two Is Ambient (7:29)
7. Chalk Is Organised Dust (5:30)
8. Insecure Digital (2:19)
9. Turtles All The Way Down (4:01)


Darkroom are
Michael Bearpark - electric guitars, pedals, loops and feedback, acoustic guitar, bass
Andrew Ostler - synthesizers, programming
Andrew Booker - drums

Recorded and mixed by Os between August 2007 and July 2008
In Royston, Letchworth and London UK
Produced by Darkroom

Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge

Practise safe sound, but turn it up
Any crackling noises are correct

Concorde photograph from Carl Glover archives
Portrait photography by Andrew Ostler
Design by Aleph


Os and Mike have made music together since 1992.
Darkroom was formed in 1996 with singer Tim Bowness (no-man) to provide a live soundtrack
at the Nevers Film Festival, France.
Since ?Daylight? in 1998 they have released six further albums
and made numerous live appearances including Glastonbury and the Internationales Loopfestival Zürich 2005.

Os and Mike are currently mainstays of Improvizone, a regular London-based night of improvised instrumental music run by Andrew Booker.
Mike is just back from touring as a guitarist with no-man.
Os writes music software which is a key component of the Darkroom sound.




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